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Latvian Foreign Ministry Eases Visa Regime For Belarus

Posted by Info on 23/01/2011

regardless of the sanctions against Minsk which are being considered by the EU.From January 24 the Belarusian nationals requesting for long-term visas in Latvia and Belarus will not pay state duties to get a visa.

The European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for immediate sanctions against the leaders of Belarus over the response to the opposition protests that followed the December 19 presidential election. The foreign ministers of the European Union’s 27 states are expected to reach a final decision on any sanctions when they hold their first meeting of the year on January 31 in Brussels.

The resolution calls on the European Council to impose a ban on visas and freeze any EU bank accounts of senior government officials and members of the judiciary and security agencies responsible for rigging the elections and persecuting the opposition.

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Заключение Нацкомиссии По Событиям На Юге Кыргызстана

Posted by Info on 23/01/2011

Заключение Национальной комиссии по всестороннему изучению причин, последствий и выработке рекомендаций по трагическим событиям, произошедшим на юге республики в июне 2010 года заслушано в Жогорку Кенеше 19-20 января 2011 г.
10–14 июня в г. Ош, Ошской и Джалал-Абадской областях Кыргызской Республики произошли массовые столкновения между лицами кыргызской и узбекской национальности, вылившиеся в погромы, поджоги, мародерство и приведшие к многочисленным жертвам с обеих сторон.

Во время трагических событий в Женеве проходил очередной Совет ООН, принявший резолюцию, в которой он призвал Кыргызстан провести всестороннее расследование фактов, связанных с гибелью людей в городе Ош, Ошской и Джалал-Абадской областях, и привлечь к ответственности виновных лиц.………….more here

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Latvia’s New Law: Enter To Schengen Zone Throught Investment in Latvia

Posted by Info on 23/01/2011

Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis said said that when making the decision about residence permit the Latvian authorities are guided solely by law that did not automatically grant a residence permit to any foreigner who has made large investments in Latvia.
“We adopted a law last year that provides for issuing a residence permit in event of investment, for example, in bank capital or enterprises or real estate [in Latvia].This system has proved somewhat successful, and we can see that potential investors come and receive residence permits…and to use Latvia for travelling across the Schengen zone. “

According to the amendments to immigration legislation, which are in effect since July 1, 2010, a foreign investor may get a five-year residence permit in Latvia, if he has purchased immovable property there to the sum ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 lat (from 93,000 to 187,000 dollars), or if he invests no less than 25,000 lat (some 47,000 dollars) in the fixed assets of an enterprise registered in Latvia, which will pay to the central or local budget no less than 20,000 lat (37,000 dollars), or if he invests 200,000 lat in the subordinated capital of a bank.

However the former Moscow mayor Luzhkov had invested the needed 200,000 lat (some 375,000 U.S. dollars) in Latvia, in Rietumu Bank, one of the Latvian commercial banks and even owns real estate – a storehouse — in the resort city of Jurmala, he was denied the residence permit. In the opinion of the Interior Minister, “the ex-mayor does not deserve it because of his attitude to Latvia.” …his hostile statements about the country and his intention to use it for personal goals, as it is evident that his target was not to invest (any more?) in the country and its economy, but to use Latvia for travelling across the Schengen zone”

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Kyrgyzstan: On List Of Registered Terrorist 1,279 People

Posted by Info on 23/01/2011

Kyrgyz Interior Minister Zarylbek Rysaliev announced that the country had 1,279 people registered as terrorists.
During a speech delivered before the Kyrgyz parliament’s committee for defense and security issues on January 18, Rysaliev offered details about the registered terrorists’ backgrounds and affiliations.

Of the 1,279 “terrorists”, according to Rysaliev, 1,192 support Hizb ut-Tahrir, 49 are Wahhabis, 32 are members of the Akramiya movement, and two belong to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan — all groups or movements that have been branded extremist and banned throughout Central Asia.

How, exactly, one gets registered with the authorities as a terrorist? And if there is a difference between a registered and unregistered terrorist, just how many unregistered terrorists are there roaming around Kyrgyzstan?

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Belarus: Ministry of Justice Inspecting Lawyers

Posted by Info on 23/01/2011

The Ministry of Justice started auditing all legal aid offices of Minsk City Bar Association.

The Ministry made a recommendation concerning four lawyers who work with the cases of persons charged with mass riot on December 19. It is known that one of them was Pavel Sapelka, who defends former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. The reason for the appeal of the Justice Ministry was lawyers’ indignation, as they cannot meet with their clients, and their criticism of the judicial system. Officials demanded to bring them to disciplinary responsibility. However, the Minsk City Bar Association didn’t find facts of violation in the activity of their colleagues.
That former presidential candidates Mikalai Statkevich, Andrei Sannikov, Ales Mikhalevich, Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu have not been seen by their lawyers since December 29-30. The same concerns the other accused in the “mass riots” case.

It was anything but an easy decision to say no to the Justice Ministry in response to its ultimatum demand to apply sanctions against the lawyers. Colleagues of the political prisoners’ lawyers have demonstrated civic courage.

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