Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Russia: Terrorist Attack At Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport – 35 Dead

Posted by Info on 24/01/2011

According to reports the explosion happened at 4:30pm in the luggage claim area in the international arrivals wing at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport. The explosion power was equivalent to 5 kilograms of TNT. An initial probe indicates the blast was a terrorist attack caused by a suicide bomber. Another theory is the bomb may have arrived in one of the bags.

Up to 35 people have reportedly been killed in an explosion and some 170 more are said to have been injured. on You Tube

Moscow police have been put on alert over possible terror attacks in the capital. Police are also on alert at Vnukovo airport and Sheremetyevo international airport in Moscow, and in the metro system.

BBC News:
Briton Mark Green, who was on a British Airways flight that landed at the airport before the explosion said that there were thousands of people gathered in the baggage collection area, baggage hall and queue for immigration at the time of the blast.
“We were walking out through the exit of the arrivals hall towards the car, and there was this almighty explosion, a huge bang, we didn’t know it was an explosion at the time, and my colleague and I looked at each other and said ‘Christ that sounds like a car bomb or something,’ because the noise was, literally, it shook you.”


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