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Uzbek President Islam Karimov Completes Visit to Brussels: Is It Success?

Posted by Info on 25/01/2011

Uzbek President Islam Karimov’s visits Brussels on 24 January. As a result of them, the European Commission and Uzbekistan signed a memorandum of understanding in the energy sphere, while NATO secured a route to northern Afghanistan;.

NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen said the following about a meeting with Karimov:
“It’s a meeting decided on request of the president of Uzbekistan. I find it quite natural to have this meeting. Uzbekistan is one of our partner countries and within our partnerships we have a continuous dialogue with our partners, including a dialogue on democracy and human rights and that will also be one of the topics for discussion this afternoon,said Rasmussen in reply to the criticism by human rights groups for his meeting with Karimov.

Common interests in the development of Afghanistan will become another focus of the talks between Rasmussen and Karimov.
“As you know, Uzbekistan is a neighbouring country, and we cooperate with the Central Asian countries as regards our operation in Afghanistan, and among other elements in that cooperation we agreed on a transit facility through Uzbekistan back in 2009.”

Rights activists rally against Uzbek visit in Brussells
started outside the European Commission’s office in Brussels to protest against the EU president’s reception of Uzbek President Islam Karimov, one of the world’s most brutal dictators.


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