Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Bombing In Russia Highlights Discrimination Faced By Those From Caucasus

Posted by Info on 27/01/2011

‘They will never accept me as an ordinary Russian because my hair and eyes are dark.’

“I am a foreigner here in my own land.”

At 15, Israil Mirzakhanov was at a crossroads:
– He could stay home in the Caucasus region, where several of his friends already had been taken from their homes and had turned up dead in the street.
– Or he could take his chances with the rampant discrimination in Moscow.

Four years later, now a tall and fit-looking college student, he tries not to look people in the eyes because he knows what he’ll see. Fear. Anger. At best, indifference…at a central Moscow police station. “When I asked what my problem was, a policeman yelled at me: ‘Look at your face and you will see your problem.'”

When he takes a seat on a metro train, someone sitting next to him might move to the other end of the car.
Violence in the Caucasus and retaliatory terrorist attacks in the Russian heartland have hardened attitudes toward people from the Caucasus, and the Kremlin has shown little inclination to counter the discrimination.

Kremlin is declaring its stubborn adherence to blunt, unselective violence,” said Vladimir Ryzhkov, an opposition leader and co-chairman of the People’s Freedom Party. More terrorist attacks will probably result..

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