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Russia Adopts Color-Coded Terror Alert System , France And UK Dropped It

Posted by Info on 28/01/2011

Under intense pressure to ratchet up security measures after Monday’s terrorist airport attack, Russian lawmakers on Friday fast-tracked the introduction of a color-coded alert system similar to the one adopted by the United States after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Russia began discussing a color-coded system months ago, after two suicide bombers exploded in Moscow’s subway, killing 40 people. Medvedev said: “After a terrorist attack, in many cases, metal detectors were put in place at transport facilities. They worked in the beginning, with everyone being sent through them, but then everything stopped, and people could come and go as they pleased.

The Russian system would categorize threats as blue, yellow, and red, in order of seriousness. The bill was presented Friday by the deputy director of the Federal Security Service, the domestic successor to the K.G.B., and the Parliament approved it in the first reading.

Fred Burton, a counterterrorism expert
at inteligence company Stratfor, said the United States had modeled its system on coded alerts used on military bases, which would then clearly dictate security measures like vehicle searches. It was, he said, “a knee-jerk reaction,” and when generalized to the population, it proved impossible to control how people would respond..

“Nobody really understands it. I’ve been a counterterrorism agent, but I couldn’t tell you on any given day what color code you were in, because it doesn’t really mean anything.”

France used such a system, and the United Kingdom adopted and then dropped it.

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Kazakh President Received Signal From People: “Don’t Leave Office”

Posted by Info on 28/01/2011

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev 70, said today that he will remain in office as long as his health allows him to.
“I have received a signal from the people – don’t leave office, continue working. If my health allows me, if I have the people’s support, I will work as long as I am allowed to.”

In June, the title of “Leader of the Nation” was bestowed upon Nazarbayev by his country’s lawmakers. The title gives him a wide range of privileges after the expiry of his presidential term.
Nazarbayev ruled the country state since the collapse of the Soviet Union, vetoed parliament’s original call for a referendum.
Earlier in the month, the Kazakh legislature voted unanimously in favor of holding a referendum to extend the rule of long-serving Nazarbayev until 2020, bypassing elections due in 2012.

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Mikhail Khodorkovsky Makes Initial Comments on Verdict in Eng + Ru

Posted by Info on 28/01/2011

Уважаемый суд! Уважаемые присутствующие!
Сегодня для меня очередная возможность оглянуться назад. Я вспоминаю октябрь 2003 г. Последний мой день на свободе. ….Государство, уничтожающее свои лучшие компании, готовые стать мировыми чемпионами, государство, презирающее своих граждан, государство, доверяющее только бюрократам и спецслужбам, – это больное государство.
Надежда – главный движитель больших реформ и преобразований, она залог их успеха. Если она угаснет, если сменится глухим разочарованием, – кто и что сможет вывести нашу Россию из нового застоя?
Я не преувеличу, если скажу, что за исходом этого процесса следят миллионы глаз по всей стране, по всему миру. …
вся речь здесь

Honourable court!
Looking back, I can recall October of 2003. My last day as a free man. ……..Where human rights will no longer depend on the mood of the tsar. Good or evil.
Where, on the contrary, the power will truly be dependent on the citizens, and the court – only on law and God. Call this conscience – if you prefer. I believe, this – is how it will be.
I am not at all an ideal person, but I am – a person with an idea. For me, as for anybody, it is hard to live in jail, and I do not want to die there.

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European Court Of Human Rights To Charge Fees

Posted by Info on 28/01/2011

The European Court of Human Rights is the ultimate court of redress for individuals claiming violations of their rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. Since being set up in 1959, the Court has delivered some 10,000 judgments ruling that governments have failed to honour their obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Its current resources are stretched by an increasing backlog of cases (more than 110,000 are now pending) and the large number of applications it receives (more than 50,000 last year).

Therefor the European ministers proposed that individuals should pay to file an application with the European Court of Human Rights.
AI: “A proposal to charge fees for filing an application, which received some support, could curtail access to the Court for people in Europe who are unable to pay the Court fees. Equality before the law and access to an effective remedy are rights that states simply cannot sell out.”

The Action Plan adopted at Interlaken in February 2010 includes recommendations to states to take measures to ensure enhanced respect for human rights and effective remedies for human rights violations at home. If states fully respected human rights the court would not be facing such a overwhelming backlog of cases.

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Дума Разрешила Полицейским Бить Не Хуже Милиционеров

Posted by Info on 28/01/2011

Госдума примет в пятницу президентский закон о полиции. Даже депутаты от партии Владимира Путина нашли угрозы для обещанной его преемником реформы милиции – чрезвычайные полномочия полицейских и слабый контроль за ними.

Депутаты подконтрольного “Единой России” парламента в ходе второго и третьего чтения в пятницу отклонили все поправки, лишающие полицию какой-либо существенной функции или ставящие ее под общественный контроль.

Не может и не должна правоохранительная структура делать свою работу абсолютно прозрачной,
– сказал на заседании Госдумы депутат из профильного комитета Владимир Колесников.

Депутат из “Единой России” Андрей Макаров остался недоволен тем, что не нашла поддержки предложенная им норма о ежегодном отчете министра внутренних дел перед Госдумой.
“Стоит ли обманывать население, что мы что-то контролируем?” – негодовал он.

Макарова возмутило также исчезновение из первой редакции закона положения о том, что полицейские не могут многократно наносить удары людям дубиной в одно и то же место:
“Оказывается, бить в одну и ту же точку можно . Именно этим руководствовался комитет?”

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President Kadyrov:”West Ruins Great Power = Russia By Sending Terrorists”

Posted by Info on 28/01/2011

Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of Russia’s Chechen Republic, says that the West is consciously building a negative image of the restored Chechnya.
In the aftermath of the terror attack at Domodedovo Airport, he stresses that the West eagerly promotes the idea of a “Caucasus trace” in any terror acts, and even uses human rights activists for its own agenda of unhinging Russian unity. He drew attention to the fact that in Chechnya, they build both Orthodox churches and mosques, and that Muslims are restoring Orthodox cemeteries, but despite that, foreign terrorists sent to the Caucasus by the West preach jihad against Russians and Christians in the Russian language.

The West is interested in ruining the sovereign state of Russia. Why far away, across the water, are they so interested in Ukraine and Georgia? Why is America building its policy towards them in such a way? Because America knows that Russia is a great power and someone has to interfere with its plans so that its affairs will be damaged. That’s the reason why the West is constantly showing that it seems as though there is no democracy in Russia and human rights are violated. They are working on ruining Russia step by step, as they ruined the USSR before.

The US want NATO troops or American troops present in the Caucasus. Who needs them in the Caucasus? Who’s interested in hostilities in Georgia, Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Abkhazia? We lived peacefully and had brotherly relations with all people. If they had left us alone, our peaceful life would have been restored. That’s the best thing they can do for us.

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Закон О Компенсациях Не Помог: Россияне Не Стали Реже Жаловаться

Posted by Info on 28/01/2011

Россия по-прежнему лидирует по числу жалоб в Европейский суд по правам человека (ЕСПЧ), это следует из его ежегодного итогового доклада, который опубликован на сайте суда. К концу 2010 г. число обращений из России составило треть (28,9%) всех дел, поступивших в суд (40 295 жалоб).
На втором месте — Турция (15 206 дел), на третьем — Румыния (11 950).

Чаще всего ЕСПЧ находил нарушения права на гуманное обращение (102 решения), на втором месте — нарушения права на свободу и безопасность (89), также неважно дела обстоят с правом на справедливый суд и эффективную защиту (55).

Пока еще рано оценивать, насколько эффективным оказался закон о праве граждан на компенсацию за неисполнение судебных решений и волокиту, вступивший в силу в прошлом году. Но то, что он заработал, уже чувствуется. Такие дела составляли до 30% всех обращений россиян в Страсбург, после принятия закона они могут рассматриваться и в России.

Pост обращений в ЕСПЧ связывает с тем, что все больше профессиональных юристов начинают рассматривать его как эффективный способ защиты. Раньше обращения в Евросуд шли в основном через правозащитников и обычных граждан.

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