Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Belarus Released 7 Detainees, Including Former Candidate For Presidency

Posted by Info on 29/01/2011

Belarus’s KGB state security police said in a statement that Vladimir Neklyayev, 64, and six other people, including the wife of another jailed presidential candidate, were being provisionally released because of good behavior.

Neklyayev, a poet who heads the “Tell the Truth” movement, and Irina Khalip, who is married to Andrei Sannikov of the “For a European Belarus” movement, would be kept under house arrest.
Neklyayev himself was beaten by state security police on December 19 while he was on his way to join a protest march in the city center and was spirited away from his hospital bed to jail by KGB state security officials while recovering.

Western governments have grown increasingly concerned over human rights violations in Belarus and have pressed Lukashenko to free the scores of protesters held after the December 19 vote, which the opposition and international monitors say was rigged.
EU foreign ministers are expected to agree on Monday in Brussels to reimpose visa bans that were suspended by the EU in 2008 to encourage reforms in the ex-Soviet republic.


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