Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Russia: About Abduction Of brides In Chechen Republic

Posted by Info on 31/01/2011

On January 11, the president Ramzan Kadyrov harshly criticized local authorities and clergy. The reason was another fact of abduction of a girl by her bridegroom on December 28 in the village of Geldagan.
The local mullah, who blessed this marriage, were dismissed from their posts, while the groom was detained and is in custody.
The abduction became known to everyone in the district, but neither the local ROVD (District Interior Division) nor the head of the district took any operative actions. In other words, the local authorities just pretended that everything is OK in their district. Such excesses should be regarded as negligence of heads of administrations and ROVD bosses and absence of their control over the situation in their districts.”

“We profess Islam, the religion that condemns and doesn’t recognize a marriage concluded without the consent of the girl. We shall root out once and forever the tradition of bride abduction from the life of our society,” said Kadyrov.

A serious clash burst out between relatives of the bride and the groom, since the girl’s brother is a militiaman and he went to win her sister back from the kidnappers.
Some experts in the republic believe that it would be hardly possible to completely eradicate this tradition. Brides were abducted in Chechnya also during the USSR time, despite criminal prosecution and official bans.


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