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Belarus: Presidential Candidate Was Beaten, Stripped Naked, Hung By Hands By Secret Police

Posted by Info on 28/02/2011

Ales Mikhalevich sent a letter to the United Nations Committee Against Torture describing his treatment at the hands of secret police, which still uses its old name KGB in the former Soviet nation.

During his two months in prison, he was deprived of sleep
and forced to spend long periods in a freshly painted cell without ventilation. He said that following his torture he was forced to sign a paper in which he pledged to cooperate.
“After my joints crunched I did all they wanted.”

Mikhalevich and six other presidential candidates were among more than 700 people arrested after massive protests against fraud in the Dec. 19 vote in which authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko was re-elected. International observers said the vote was rigged.

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Норвегия Проводит Насильственную Репатриацию Чеченцев В Россию

Posted by Info on 28/02/2011

25 января из Норвегии в Россию были уже высланы 16 чеченских семей, всего около семидесяти человек.

Приказ о выселении поступил от премьер-министра Норвегии Йенса Столтинберга, при этом основания для высылки некоторых беженцев нет. “У некоторых из них российскими военными были убиты родственники, сожжены дома, им опасно возвращаться.”

Большинство из этих семей приехали в Норвегию семь лет тому назад, и до сих пор им отказывали в предоставлении убежища. “Цепляются к любой опечатке, – отметил правозащитник. – Например, в записях “Мемориала” в связи с конкретным человеком стоит одно число. В другой записи – на день позже. Все, это повод, чтобы отказывать людям”.

Hа судах, “где миграционная государственная служба заявляла, что на территории Чечни нет никаких военных, никаких боевых действий, по религиозным причинам там не может человек преследоваться, поскольку Кадыров строит там государство по законам шариата”.

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In Russia: People Are More Afraid Of Cops Than Of Criminals

Posted by Info on 28/02/2011

Russia aims to reform corrupt police
One Story: A.Yakimov’s troubles had started with a dispute over turf among taxi drivers in this provincial capital east of Moscow. One side called in its protection — its “roof” in Russia’s street slang — two drunken cops in civilian clothes, who dragged Yakimov off to the police station.When they finished with him there, they intended to drop him where no one would ever find him.… he felt the icy water in his nostrils, eyes and ears shocking him into one last push for the surface. Above, a jagged hole traced 10 feet of open water…When Yakimov broke the surface, his bruised face rested in the snow and the pain shot back into his broken arm and dislocated shoulder. His tormentors were a police captain and a senior lieutenant.

It’s a familiar story in Russia, a land where, in the words of reform-minded parliament member Andrei Makarov, the police “are conducting a war against their own people.” A quarter of Russians who answered a recent poll said they had personal knowledge of cases in which police beat or tortured people.

According to official police statistics: Internal security reported 125,000 violations of rules or laws by police in 2010 and said that more than 4,000 criminal cases were initiated.

Yakimov survived to see them prosecuted. While waiting for the trial, he faced threats of reprisals, a failed attempt by armed men in masks to arrest him, and what he suspects was an effort by another police officer to kidnap his 8-year-old daughter. A little more after one year they were found guilty of abusing their office, and each received a three-year sentence.Yakimov’s arm was so badly mangled that he can’t drive anymore.

“People are more afraid of the cops than they are afraid of criminals and thugs in the streets,” he said.

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Юбилей Вступления РФ В Совет Европы – 28.2.1996

Posted by Info on 28/02/2011

Россия присоединилась к Совету Европы 28 февраля 1996 года. Через два года после вступления она ратифицировала основной документ Совета – Европейскую Конвенцию по правам человека, подтвердив приверженность принципам соблюдения прав человека и демократии. Присоединяясь к Совету, Москва заявила о своей готовности взять на себя ряд обязательств и привести свое законодательство в соответствие европейским стандартам.

С момента вступления в Совет Россия неоднократно подвергалась критике за проблемы с правами человека, войну в Чечне, проблемы в области СМИ, НПО и функционирования оппозиционных партий. В последнее время Россия критикуется в связи с отсутствием надлежащего расследования убийств журналисток Анны Политковской и Анастасии Бабуровой, правозащитницы Наталии Эстемировой, гибели в СИЗО Сергея Магнитского. Страсбург также не принял признание в 2008 году Москвой независимости Абхазии и Южной Осетии.

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Biggest Trial in Russia: 58 Suspects Accused Of Raid On Nalchik In 2005

Posted by Info on 27/02/2011

On the edge of this city Nalchik in southern Russia is a steel-roofed building the size of a small aircraft hangar.
The building was constructed for a single purpose: the trial of 58 suspects the largest number of defendants for a single legal proceeding in modern Russian history – accused of joining in an Islamist guerrilla raid on Nalchik on Oct. 13, 2005.

Even 142 people died in the attack the trial has been going on virtually unnoticed by the outside world since March 2009. Most Russians have no clue it is even taking place.

Three judges occupied a podium,to their right sat a handful of blue-suited prosecutors. To their left, about 30 defense lawyers bent over their papers at a long line of benches. Behind the lawyers were six cages holding the defendants, mostly thickly bearded men in tracksuits and baseball caps. The all men in the cages are facing life sentences for allegedly causing the death of scores of people in coordinated attacks on police stations, Federal Security Service (FSB) offices, military buildings, and a gun store.

What makes the Nalchik assault unique is that 58 suspects survived in custody, unlike earlier raids where most, if not all, the terrorists were killed in the fighting. And yet no one was punished for the excesses. “The events that led up to October 13 2005 were never properly dealt with.”…more HERE

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49 Процентов Россиян Готовы Участвовать В Акциях Протеста

Posted by Info on 27/02/2011

Почти половина россиян недовольна условиями жизни в стране и готовы лично участвовать в акциях протеста.

C конца прошлого года число недовольных в России увеличилось на 17 процентов. Соответственно увеличилось и число тех, кто готов принять участие в акции протеста уже в ближайшее воскресенье. Сейчас таких насчитывается уже 24 процента респондентов. При этом отказываются митинговать 64 процента опрошенных.

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Belarus: Torture Is Used Against Political Prisoners

Posted by Info on 26/02/2011

Relatives of political prisoners sent the appela to the embassies of other EU countries.
Here is the full text of the appeal:
Today, more than 40 people are being held in the criminal case initiated after the 2010 presidential elections. One of them, Vasily Parfiankou, has been sentenced to 4 years in a maximum security penal colony. This monstrously cruel sentence has finally confirmed to us that there is no independent judiciary in Belarus. Verdicts are delivered by Lukashenko’s administration, and we cannot expect an objective consideration of the cases of political prisoners in court.

Since our last appeal to you, presidential candidate Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu and the journalist Iryna Khalip, the wife of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, have been transferred to house arrest, and the measure of restraint for 11 prisoners has been changed to release against recognizance not to leave. 29 people remain imprisoned. These include presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov and Mikalai Statkevich, the members of their election headquarters, journalists and ordinary civilians.

The conditions of detention of political prisoners are cruel and inhumane and can be equated to torture:

Severe attitude of KGB Special Forces guards, who hide their faces behind masks;

Blackmail and psychological pressure on suspects more here

We ask … for the unconditional release of all political prisoners.

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Россия: борьбa с терроризмом: 50 человек/контрольно-пропускной режим

Posted by Info on 26/02/2011

Правительство РФ ввело новые требования к общественным зданиям. Kаждое новое публичное место, в котором могут собраться более 50 человек одновременно и где нет контрольно-пропускного режима, должно быть оборудовано так называемыми рамками безопасности – техническими средствами, способными обнаружить взрывные устройства, оружие и боеприпасы. Эксперты реагируют на нововведение не однозначно.
С одной стороны, рамки могут удачно дополнить общее усиление безопасности, с другой – дорогостоящие технические устройства во многих случаях нельзя назвать эффективными.

Однако эксперты признают, что без специально обученного персонала техническое устройство будет бесполезным. «Рамка сама по себе молчит и рук не имеет, крикнуть «стой» и задержать подозреваемого до приезда милиции могут только охранники»

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Kremlin Sees Peril in Arab Unrest

Posted by Info on 25/02/2011

Arab world were instigated by outside forces that were also scheming to topple the authorities in Russia.
“Let’s face the truth. They have been preparing such a scenario for us, and now they will try even harder to implement it,” Medvedev said at a meeting with the country’s top security officials.

Medvedev would not identify whom he meant by “they,” but the finger-pointing brings back memories of the Kremlin’s jittery reaction to popular uprisings that toppled entrenched regimes in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan in the 2000s. At the time, then-President Vladimir Putin and other senior officials publicly accused the West of meddling. Moscow had wielded strong influence in those former Soviet republics.

The radical Russian opposition has started speaking of the possibility of regime change patterned after the popular uprisings that ousted longtime leaders in Tunisia , Egypt and large street protests against the rulers of Libya and, to a lesser extent, Bahrain, Iran and Yemen.

Much of the Russian discussion has taken place on social media web sites like LiveJournal and Facebook, while Facebook and Twitter are believed to have served as a powerful mobilizing tool for protesters.

While social media is popular in Russia, the likelihood of an uprising similar to those in Egypt and Tunisia is next to impossible because of an absence of a widely shared ideological platform for a protest. The reason is because the Russian Orthodox Church is closely aligned with the secular authorities, Putin’s government conducts social policies that effectively pacify the impoverished, and the remaining fragments of the political opposition are scarce, divided and not supported by a meaningful proportion of the population.

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Russia: Blood Relations – Presidents Without Feeling For Justice

Posted by Info on 23/02/2011

The families of suspected Islamist guerrillas in the North Caucasus have always faced harassment from Russian security forces. Now a shadowy vigilante group has started targeting them as well.

If your son kills another resident of the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, you will be destroyed,” it read in typed letters. The letter was signed, “The Black Hawks — Anti-Wahhabis.” “We are living in some kind of nightmare,” said Marina.

Marina’s 22-year-old son, Astemir, is a suspected Islamist guerrilla whom she says she hasn’t seen for two and a half years, since he set out for work with a friend in fall 2008 and never came home. He is wanted by police for the recent murder of the republic’s mufti…
“Astemir was a very trusting boy. Maybe that’s why he fell into their clutches.” She heard on television that the militants pump their recruits with drugs so they become “zombies.”

Whatever it was that drove him away, Astemir is lost to his family. “We have disowned him,” said Marina with tears in her eyes. “If he came back now, his brothers would deal with him before he even got to the police, the trouble he’s brought them. He will always be my boy, but I have never sought to justify his actions. If he’s guilty of all these horrors, then I utterly condemn it. So why pick on us?

Marina’s words have been echoed again and again by the relatives of suspected rebel fighters, or boyeviki, across the North Caucasus.

Human rights groups have cataloged thousands of abuses of civilians by Russian security forces when soldiers beat and tortured Chechen men.

Chechen president Kadyrov
does not believe in justice and trial , he explained in a meeting with his cabinet.“Those families that have relatives in the woods are all collaborators in the crime; they are terrorists, extremists, Wahhabis, and devils.” Such people should be “cursed and ousted.”

In Kabardino-Balkaria republic’s Kremlin-appointed president, Arsen Kanokov said: “If they ( relatives) haven’t brought up their children right, let them also take responsibility. Someone is running around in the forest, while his relative works in a shop. That can’t go on; we will find measures for that.”
“Of course, we’re not going to burn down houses in the places [fighters] were born, like they do in Chechnya…. But if [parents] have given birth to a monster, then they should answer for it, not the state.”

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Uzbek Authorities Seize Properties Of Ex-citizens And Those in Prisons

Posted by Info on 23/02/2011

Uzbekistan is not only imprisoning former Uzbek citizens who have given up their citizenship, but is also seizing their properties in the country. One of them is Yuriy Korepanov, a retired colonel of the Soviet army, who has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for “treason”.

Uzbek citizens who were living in Russia now had complained that their properties in Uzbekistan had been seized when authorities found out that they had become citizens of other countries.
For Exmpale Yelena Levenchik won a court case, bailiffs ignored the court ruling in her favour. Moreover, she was adviced better to go back to Russia.

The activist said her organisation had received many complaints about similar cases from people who moved to Russia and Ukraine and from political émigrés.

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Russia’s Prime Minister Is Feared In West – But Adored At Home

Posted by Info on 22/02/2011

The outside world, but especially Europe – and within Europe especially Britain – has a problem with Russia’s Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin., a hard man, a foe of democracy who has speeded his country back to Soviet-era restrictions .. Many people in the West see someone only a little short of a dictator, keeping his freedom-loving fellow countrymen in thrall,.
In his homeland, Putin remains popular through an economic crisis, a series of bomb attacks, several natural and man-made disasters, and a small, not entirely successful, war. Rarely in living memory can there have been such a discrepancy between the image of one leader at home and abroad.

Why is there such a gap?
Most Russians do not see Putin primarily as an ex-KGB man – and those who do would not all regard it as a negative. They see him rather as the feisty President who brought order to the chaos left by Yeltsin, ensured that their salaries were paid …very few would argue that they are worse off now than they were before 1992 – or even 2000. “It’s the economy, stupid,” is as valid in Russia as it was for Americans when they elected Bill Clinton.

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Бывшего кандидата в президенты Белоруссии выпустили из СИЗО

Posted by Info on 22/02/2011

Милан Михалевич находился в СИЗО с 19 декабря 2010 года, когда нескольких кандидатов в президенты, активистов оппозиции и простых граждан задержали на митинге в центре Минска. Тогда противники режима победившего в очередной раз Александра Лукашенко, которые требовали проведения второго тура, были разогнаны внутренними войсками и спецназом.

Всего были задержаны более 600 человек. Позже против 42 из них, в том числе пяти претендентов на президентский пост и двух граждан России, возбудили уголовное дело по статье 293 УК Белоруссии (массовые беспорядки).

17 февраля первый из 42 обвиняемых, активист штаба экс-кандидата в президенты Владимира Некляева Василий Парфенков, был приговорен к 4 годам тюрьмы. Как сообщалось, процесс над россиянами Иваном Гапоновым и Артемом Бреусом начнется 22 февраля.

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Russia: Nationalistic Hatred Killed Human Rights Lawyer And Journalist

Posted by Info on 21/02/2011

Mr. Tikhonov is on trial for murder.
Prosecutors contend that his right-wing intellectual pursuits mutated into nationalistic hatred that led him to kill a prominent human rights lawyer and a young journalist two years ago.

Ethnic Russians make up about 80 percent of Russia’s 142 million people, sharing the country with more than 100 ethnic groups, many of which make up Russia’s large Muslim community. Russia also has the largest immigrant population in the world after the United States, numbering as many as 10 million, mostly from former Soviet republics in the South Caucasus and Central Asia.

Nationalists have taken responsibility for kidnappings, beheadings and a 2006 bombing
that killed 10 at a Moscow market operated mostly by immigrants. At least 37 people were killed and more than 300 injured in xenophobic attacks in 2010… In the past year, nationalists have been linked to the murders of several police officers and a judge.

Mr. Tikhonov is accused of killing Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer, for years pressed the authorities to have perpetrators of hate crimes brought up on charges, leading to the imprisonment of several. The other, Anastasia Baburova, a freelance journalist with Novaya Gazeta, the country’s leading opposition newspaper, wrote about nationalists.

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Russia: 14 Alleged Terrorists To Go On Trial in North Caucasus

Posted by Info on 21/02/2011

14 rebel fighters are due to appear before a panel of the Supreme Court judges in the Karachayevo-Cherkessia Republic, in the Russian North Caucasus, today.

The defendants are accused of committing crimes against police and attempting to seize power in the republic. The fighters’ camp in the mountainous country of the republic was pulled down in November 2009.

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