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Russia: No Money For DNA Tests – Blast Victims Unidentified for 12 Years

Posted by Info on 01/02/2011

It has been already 12 long years after horrific terrorist attack in a nine-story apartment building in Moscow in September 1999, killing 100 people, 12 victims remain unknown. Their bodies are stored in a morgue by authorities who haven’t found the money to carry out the necessary DNA tests.

Lawyers Trunov and Trepashkin, who represented families of the 1999 bombing, confirmed that body fragments remain unidentified, and Trunov said by telephone that city officials have explained that they have no money for DNA tests.
In fact, city officials demanded that relatives of those killed in the bombing pay for DNA tests using money they received as compensation from the state. Those who refused were unable to identify the bodies of their loved ones.

Moreover, many relatives were denied proper compensation, lawyer Trepashkin said. Those who were paid got meager sums of 5,000 to 10,000 rubles.
In comparison, a private Moscow firm is currently offering DNA tests for 12,000 to 16,000 rubles.

Lyudmila Knutova lost her 31-year-old son in the bombing and could not find him later among the dead, so an empty coffin was buried instead.
Tamara Gorbyleva lost her 4-year-old grandson, daughter and son-in-law, but only the daughter was identified.

They paid for DNA tests, but none managed to identify their relatives among the body fragments examined during testing.
The presumed victims officially have been listed as missing. No official data is available for how many people are on this list after the blast.

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Ireland Expels Russian Diplomat Over Faked Spy Passports

Posted by Info on 01/02/2011

A police investigation found the identities of six Irish citizens were used as cover for Russian spies found to have been working in the US, said an Irish foreign ministry statement. In response, the unnamed diplomat “has been asked to leave this jurisdiction”.

The ministry said that the behaviour of the Russian intelligence service was not what the Irish government “would expect from a country with which we have friendly relations”.

Last June, a network of 10 Russian spies living as US citizens was uncovered – with several using Irish passports. They were swiftly deported as part of the biggest US-Russia spy swap since the Cold War.
One passport belonged to a volunteer with Irish charity ‘To Russia With Love’. It is believed to have been cloned and used by one of the 10 Russian spies deported from the US in July. The charity has been working in Russia for more than 12 years helping Russian orphans across the Russian Federation. One spy, Anna Chapman, used details stolen from a member of Dublin children’s charity To Russia With Love.
Irish police investigated how six Irish passports had ended up in the hands of the spies. Among those who had their identities stolen was Catherine Sherry, a volunteer with To Russia With Love, which works with orphans.Also affected were Eunan Gerard Doherty, a firefighter from Carndonagh, Co Donegal, and his wife Maureen.
All of the Irish citizens involved had been granted visas at the Russian embassy in Dublin.

The latest garda investigation follows another set up to investigate the forgery of Irish passports by Israeli agents.
That investigation found that eight forged Irish passports were used in connection with the killing of a senior Hamas figure in Dubai in 2010.
It also found that an Israeli Government agency was likely to have been responsible for the production of the forged passports.

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Putin’s Palace/Medvedev’s Yacht or Battle Between Loyals to Putin/Medvedev?

Posted by Info on 01/02/2011

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev share between them at least two dozen palaces, villas and mansions.
The Russian liberal media and blogosphere apeaks about possible secret residences belonging to the two since a businessman in December accused Mr Putin, the Prime Minister, of building a £600m palace on the shores of the Black Sea for his own personal use. Even so Putin according to the official income declaration last year, he earned 3.88 million roubles in 2009 (about £80,000), while his wife’s income was just £12.

It is possible the “leak” was part of a behind-the-scenes battle between officials loyal to Mr Putin and Mr Medvedev over which one of them will run for President in 2012. Notably, a few weeks after the palace story broke, a new “leak” about a luxury yacht obtained for Mr Medvedev found its way into the press.

The magazine Kommersant reportedthat it was impossible to tell how many residences the President and Prime Minister had access to, but noted that some estimates gave Mr Putin 26 separate places to live in. The magazine itself counted 24 residences that could be used by the pair, including six that are only rumoured to be for presidential use. The list contains castles, dachas, palaces, a ski resort and even a chateau outside Paris.

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Дагестан: Pежим Контртеррористической Oперации + Xроника Tеррора (1996-2010 гг.)

Posted by Info on 01/02/2011

В результате контртеррористической операции (КТО), проведенной сегодня на окраине Махачкалы убиты двое боевиков. Силовики пытались склонить укрывшихся в доме людей к сдаче властям, однако все предложения были отвергнуты, и они предприняли попытку бегства, в результате чего были убиты.

Это уже не первая КТО в республике с начала года. Предыдущий раз режим вводился 27 января в селе Северное. Tогда силовики штурмовали частный дом. Блокированные в доме люди, по словам силовиков, также отказались сдаться… В ходе спецоперации были убиты два человека – заместитель амира Дагестана 32-летний Адам Гусейнов и его односельчанка Суният Асхабалиева.

“Кавказский узел” следит за ситуацией в Дагестане и ведет ХРОНИКУ ТЕРРОРА (1996-2010 гг.)происходящих там вооруженных инцидентов.

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ЕС Обусловил Санкции Против Белорусских Чиновников Освобождением И Реабилитацией Политзэков

Posted by Info on 01/02/2011

ЕС призывает Минск прекратить преследование демократических сил, независимых СМИ и представителей гражданского общества, снять любые обвинения с людей, которые осуществляли законное право на свободу слова и свободу собраний.

Совет ЕС решил ввести визовый запрет и заморозить активы лиц, ответственных за нечестные президентские выборы 19 декабря 2010 года. Решено также восстановить ограничения на въезд, введенные в отношении ряда должностных лиц Белоруссии а связи с выборами в 2004 и 2006 годах.
Эти ограничительные меры и список лиц, которые под них подпадают, не окончательны, будут регулярно пересматриваться и при необходимости изменяться в ту или иную сторону.

«Совет подчеркивает, что освобождение и реабилитация всех, кто арестован по политическим мотивам, будет главным элементом (будущих решений) по этому вопросу», – говорится в тексте постановления.

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Constitutional Righst in US And Russia – How “They Keep Illusion Of Control”

Posted by Info on 01/02/2011

The United States has voiced concerns over detentions of opposition protestors in Moscow, saying the move amounts to the “intimidation” of peaceful protesters in connection with “Strategy 31″ demonstrations.” said the US National Security Council Spokesman Tommy Vietor.
The last day of every month with 31 days in honor of Article 31 of the Russian Constitution, which guarantees freedom of assembly.

“These steps amount to intimidation of those who choose to exercise their fundamental rights as citizens, enshrined in the Russian constitution and in its international commitments,”
Vietor said and urged Russia to “act to safeguard the fundamental freedoms of expression and assembly for all citizens.”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange talks in his 60 minutes interview about his 4 years work, publishing with The New Your Times and another big newspapers.
He keeps speaking about the rights for publisher to publish freely as one of the fundamental right in the USA, about not any execution of any publisher in the last 50 years and while present government may change it….

About Governments trying to KEEP THE ILLUSION OF CONTROL and much more.
Where is the line between secrecy, control and freedom?
Listen here On YOU TUBE or here

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