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Putin’s Palace/Medvedev’s Yacht or Battle Between Loyals to Putin/Medvedev?

Posted by Info on 01/02/2011

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev share between them at least two dozen palaces, villas and mansions.
The Russian liberal media and blogosphere apeaks about possible secret residences belonging to the two since a businessman in December accused Mr Putin, the Prime Minister, of building a £600m palace on the shores of the Black Sea for his own personal use. Even so Putin according to the official income declaration last year, he earned 3.88 million roubles in 2009 (about £80,000), while his wife’s income was just £12.

It is possible the “leak” was part of a behind-the-scenes battle between officials loyal to Mr Putin and Mr Medvedev over which one of them will run for President in 2012. Notably, a few weeks after the palace story broke, a new “leak” about a luxury yacht obtained for Mr Medvedev found its way into the press.

The magazine Kommersant reportedthat it was impossible to tell how many residences the President and Prime Minister had access to, but noted that some estimates gave Mr Putin 26 separate places to live in. The magazine itself counted 24 residences that could be used by the pair, including six that are only rumoured to be for presidential use. The list contains castles, dachas, palaces, a ski resort and even a chateau outside Paris.

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