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FiLeaks?: Finland Leaks To US About Their Own President Meeting With Putin

Posted by Info on 03/02/2011

“SO WHAT!” said the Speaker of the Finnish Parliament at the time Paavo Lipponen, who betrayed his own president Tarja Halonen. He was in a hurry to speak to the American embassy only three days after Tarja Halonen and Vladimir Putin had their meeting in December 2004.
Was he planning to ask for “asylum” in US or getting extra financial support ? His action was indeed unique. We know that Lipponen had been a regular guest at the US Embassy.

RuLeaks: Another US Hero is Jarmo Viinanen, then chief of staff of the Finnish President’s office, and Olli Perheentupa, then-director of the Russia unit at the Finnish Foreign Ministry, who said to the Americans:
“Putin is in a state of mind where he can’t decide what to do. He goes from one summit to the next, just reacting to the outside world, not moving forward according to any strategy or vision.”

Those Finnish officials described Putin as feeling “frustrated and anxious” to American diplomats. They said Putin had complained to Halonen of being misunderstood by the European Union, particularly about the Caucasus region.

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