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Kyrgyzstan Starts Large-Scale Anti-Terrorist Operations

Posted by Info on 04/02/2011

Security agencies in Kyrgyzstan have launched large-scale anti-terrorist operations to counter growing extremist activity.
State National Security Committee (GKNB) spokesman Rysbek Bykyn said:
“Radical extremist groups have been turning increasingly dangerous – planting mines, setting off bombs, killing people. Unless (we) resist them fiercely, the situation may get out of control. They aren’t simply organised crime groups – they are terrorists with different ideology, such as jihadists, Wahhabists, and Hizb ut-Tahrir or IMU (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan) members, to whom religion is only a disguise.”

Some media and human rights activists say the security agencies are acting too harshly…

Kyrgyz secret services have co-operated with foreign colleagues, the anonymous officer said. “We check all suspicious homes and mosques as well as imams, work with informers, and carry out (anti-terrorist) raids.”.
Extremist groups have also used external assistance, Kadyr Malikov, a researcher of religion, said.

“We must search for the instigators and act in a proper manner, so that government actions do not disturb the Muslim majority. Islam should not be associated with terrorism. Kyrgyzstan is a country where moderate Islam is preached, but autonomous groups whose ideology is rooted in countries stricken by military conflicts – Iraq, Caucasian countries, and so on – have emerged.”

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Таджикский Журналист Перед Судом За Статью О Пытках ?

Posted by Info on 04/02/2011

В Таджикистане публикация материалов о пытках, которые сотрудники правоохранительных органов применяют в отношении задержанных лиц, вызвала огромный резонанс.

Начальник Управления по борьбе с организованной преступностью МВД Таджикистана Анвар Тагоймуродов подал в суд на газету “Азия-плюс”, потребовав от редакции компенсацию в размере более 220 тысяч долларов. Он обвинил газету в распространении сведений, порочащих его достоинство и деловую репутацию. Поводом для подачи иска стала статья в газете о пытках, которые сотрудники УБОП применяют в отношении задержанных. Факты, положенные в основу статьи, стали известны журналисту в ходе проведенного им расследования.
Автору статьи, Рамзие Мирзобековой, удалось выяснить причины смерти Исмона Бобоева, уроженца Исфаринского района Таджикистана, который был задержан сотрудниками РОБОП Худжанда. А на следующий день умер. “Я могу сказать с уверенностью, что смерть Бобоева наступила от асфиксии, а ее причиной стало то, что его пытали током”

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UN Rejects To Recognise Uzbek Presidential Daughter’s NGO

Posted by Info on 04/02/2011

The NGO was set up by Gulnara Karimova in October 2006 for finding donors and sponsors for social projects. It works in the spheres of healthcare, education, social support, social infrastructure and environmental protection.
After its establishment, the NGO received enormous support from the government: it received 25.2 billion sums (some $13m) and $1.9m of public funds for 15 projects in 2007.
It also received a further $7m from the Uzbek government last year.

The NGO does not itemise funds it received from the government in its annual reports.
This NGO used to be a partner of PSI, a US-based anti-AIDS group, which is now outlawed in Uzbekistan, and anti-AIDS activist Maksim Popov, who was also a partner of PSI, is serving a seven-year prison term for doing exactly what Gulnara Karimova’s NGO has done.

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