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Video: Islamist Rebel Says He Ordered Russian Bombing In Domodedovo

Posted by Info on 08/02/2011

Islamist rebel leader Doku Umarov, 46, speaking in a video carried by the Islamist website, said there would be further such attacks in pursuit of an independent Muslim state governed by Sharia law in Russia’s Caucasus region — a territory embracing Chechnya, Dagestan and other nearby territories.

Apparently made on the day of the January 24 attack on Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, wearing combat fatigues, talking quietly and hesitantly. <em>”The special operation today in Moscow … was carried out on my orders,” said Umarov, who styles himself the Emir of the Caucasus.

“These special operations will continue … to show the chauvinist regime of (Russian Prime Minister Vladimir) Putin in Moscow … that we can carry out these operations where we want and when we want.”

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Russian Intelligence Officials Fired Over Moscow Airport Bomb

Posted by Info on 08/02/2011

A number of senior Russian intelligence service officials have been fired after failing to prevent a deadly bomb attack on Moscow’s busiest airport on January 24, when suicide attack on the international arrivals zone of Domodedovo International Airport killed 36 people and injured dozens more. As president instructed the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service (FSB) to propose the dismissals of anti-terrorism and transport officials if negligence was proved.
But the anti-terrorism department chiefs “continue working in their posts.”

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said security checks at the airport were “in a state of anarchy” ..

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Russia’s Press freedom: Is It As Bad As Old Days? No. But It Is Bad Enough!

Posted by Info on 08/02/2011

Luke Harding, the Guardian’s Moscow correspondent returned to Russia to resume his duties there after a period of secondment in London, where he had been working on the team assessing and organising WikiLeaks material. He was in a detention cell, with a valid visa he was back on the plane that had brought him to Moscow.

The Russian authorities took this step, unprecedented since Soviet times. These were to report on the many deficiencies that increasingly disfigure Russian politics and society, including the corruption of the state bureaucracy, the security establishment’s links to organised crime, the counterproductive brutality of the government’s policies in the Caucasus, the shrinking space for a free press, the hollowness of the country’s democratic institutions, and the abuses of the judicial system.

The WikiLeaks material revealed about the views of foreign diplomats and others on the nature of the Russian system as it has evolved, or rather, devolved, under Vladimir Putin in recent years. Those diplomatsand their opinions, because of their work, were in a position to know a great deal about Russian affairs. These were not as such the Guardian’s opinions, but it was right to publish them, because they represented the considered judgment, sometimes the very pained judgment, of people whose job it is to understand Russia.

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Guardian’s Moscow Correspondent Expelled From Russia

Posted by Info on 08/02/2011

Luke Harding’s forced departure comes after the newspaper’s reporting of the WikiLeaks cables, where he reported on allegations that Russia under the rule of Vladimir Putin had become a “virtual mafia state”.
The journalist flew back to Moscow at the weekend after a two-month stint reporting on the contents of the leaked US diplomatic cables from London, but was refused entry when his passport was checked on his arrival.

After spending 45 minutes in an airport cell, he was sent back to the UK on the first available plane – with his visa annulled and his passport only returned to him after taking his seat. Harding was given no specific reason for the decision, although an airport security official working for the Federal Border Service, an arm of the FSB intelligence agency, told him: “For you Russia is closed.”

Russia says expelled Guardian journalist for violating accreditation rules

“If Harding is still interested in working in Russia until his entry visa expires, he needs to have accreditation issues settled with the Russian Foreign Ministry’s press and information department,” the ministry said.

Harding has fallen foul of the Russian authorities on a number of occasions, mainly for filing articles claiming Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has a $40 billion offshore account. The journalist was also briefly detained while reporting last year from the volatile North Caucasus republic of Ingushetia.

We warned him that he had repeatedly violated Russian entry and accreditation regulations,” Lavrov said. “He repeatedly visited a security zone with a counter terrorist operation regime and was notified by the security services that he was supposed to let them know.

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