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Brother 15, sister 16 Arrested For Domodedovo Blast, Charged With Terrorism

Posted by Info on 09/02/2011

Magomed Khazbiev, an Ingushetian Human Rights activist, was scathing about the arrests, “There is no need to go to these lengths. To arrest minors, particularly a girl! It is absurd and barbaric to take people just because they are the relatives of an alleged terrorist.

The teenage brother and sister of Magomed Yevloyev
, believed to have blown himself and 36 others up in Domodedovo’s arrivals hall last month, have been picked up by police.
Akhmed, 15, and Fatima, 16, are suspected of helping their older brother, 20, of planning and executing the attack. They were arrested with Umar Aushev, 23. All three are charged with terrorism, murder, and illegal purchase and possession of weapons.

Although the bomber has not been officially named yet, anonymous officials told Interfax on Sunday that he was believed to be Magomed Yevloyev.

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Putin’s Response to Domodedovo – Typical of Unthinking Aggressiveness

Posted by Info on 09/02/2011

The Domodedovo bombing is more evidence Putin has turned a containable local insurgency into an escalating regional war.

Islamist rebel Doku Umarov warned the Russian government last Friday that his jihadis were ready and willing to launch more terrorist attacks like last month’s horrific suicide bombing of Moscow’s Domodedovo airport.

Putin’s initial response to Domodedovo
was typical of the unthinking aggressiveness that has characterised his outlook since he rose to the presidency in 2000 on the back of a promise to hunt down Chechen rebels and kill them “in the outhouse”. Those behind the bombing would be caught, he said. “Revenge is inevitable.”
Tough domestic counter-terrorism measures have strengthened the Kremlin’s powers and reduced individual liberties while making little impact on the problem at hand.

“What are the terrorists trying to achieve by detonating bombs in the Moscow metro?”
asked commentator Yulia Latynina in the Moscow Times. “Answer: they want Allah, not Russia, to rule the north Caucasus. They hate the West and despise both Putin’s rule and democracy … In the United Sates, terrorist attacks occur about once every five years, but in the north Caucasus they occur every five minutes.” (?)
Under Putin, Ingushetia was transformed into a safe haven for the mojahedin … It seems that Russia will be forced to part with the north Caucasus in the same way that France was forced to leave Algeria.”

Facing mounting criticism at home and fears overseas about security for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and the 2018 World Cup, Putin has conceded new approaches may be required. He admitted high unemployment ,condemned the nationalists’ racist threats as xenophobic…

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Uzbekistan: Prison Warders Suspected Of Torture Acquitted in Tashkent

Posted by Info on 09/02/2011

Uzbekistan: Tashkent’s Yakkasaray district court today heard the first torture case brought against the Interior Ministry’s main prison directorate and the administration of prison No 49 in Kashkadarya Region and acquitted the suspects.

The charges were brought by resident of Tashkent Irina Badrinova after she learnt about the ill-treatment of her son in prison No 49.The trial was conducted formally, Judge Nilyufar Usmanova heard the case quickly.”

The plaintiff hoped that the judge would take her case seriously and open a criminal case against those guilty, but Judge Usmanova showed complete indifference to the fate of her son, Suhrob.
She also complained that the judge had made jokes about her because she lacked the knowledge of laws and could not afford a lawyer.

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HRC “Memorial” Demands Complex Check of Kizilyurt ROVD of Dagestan

Posted by Info on 09/02/2011

The Human Rights Centre “Memorial” has appealed to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation, Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Dagestan, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan and Ombudsman of the Republic of Dagestan with a request to check all the allegations of possible crimes committed against citizens.

“Memorial” have documented cases of illegal detentions, stolen valuables, beatings and cases of torture, allegedly committed by employees of the Kizilyurt ROVD
, violations of the rights of the detainees kept in the IVS (temporary detention facility) of the Kizilyurt ROVD (unlawful refusal to take food and clothes for detainees and torture by starvation), falsification of criminal cases, threats and insults of advocates, putting pressure on the victims.

“Memorial” demands to bring those guilty to criminal responsibility and take the necessary measures “to ensure that such crimes are not repeated.” The HRC also asks the authorities of Dagestan to protect the citizens, who are seeking justice against possible pressure from the employees of the Kizilyurt ROVD.

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Russia: Again Blast In Chechnya

Posted by Info on 09/02/2011

Three policemen from special task forces were wounded in an explosion late on Tuesday evening in Grozny, the capital of Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Chechnya.

“An explosive device went off, when a group of policemen approached a four-storey apartment building on the Derbentskaya street. They wanted to investigate a tip-off about a militant hiding in one of the apartments.”

The Kremlin ended its decade-long antiterrorism campaign against separatists in Chechnya in April 2009, but has since had to intensify the fight against militants as skirmishes and attacks on police and officials have continued in the republic and around it.

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Access to Information In Turkmenistan Is The Most Expensive

Posted by Info on 09/02/2011

The most expensive Internet in the world is in Turkmenistan.

The cost of using unlimited internet access at $2048 kbps reaches $6821.05 per month
The cheapest internet access costs $43.12 per month where the user is limited by 2 GB at 64 kbps. For comparison, the average cost of high speed unlimited internet in Russia is about $20 per month.

The vast majority of Turkmen internet users prefer home-based limited internet access . BUT, it is nearly impossible to use internet during the day time: only in the nighttime it is more or less possible to have acceptable speed and send/receive emails and visit authorized websites.

People still prefer to visit internet café. For instance, the average cost of one hour internet access in the internet cafes of Ashgabat reaches 3 manats (little over $1). The significant number of the visitors is foreigners. Prior to granting the computer access his passport data is copied to special journal, indicating the time and duration of visit to internet café. The first internet cafes in Turkmenistan were launched in February of 2007.

The Turkmen website notes that foreigners are allowed to visit more websites than local dwellers. Turkmen citizens still cannot access websites, publishing critical articles about Turkmenistan, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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Россия: Жестоко Избит Депутат И Издатель Независимой Газеты

Posted by Info on 09/02/2011

Депутата Северо-Курильского городского округа, редактора и издателя местной газеты «Парамушир-вести» Александра Чернегу жестоко избили поздно вечером 3 февраля на пороге собственного дома. В больнице ему наложили 10 швов на голову, 3 — на губу.

Александр Чернега — известный в Северо-Курильске человек с независимыми взглядами и активной позицией. Пять лет является депутатом городского округа, был заместителем председателя собрания. Семь лет издает и редактирует газету «Парамушир-вести». И везде — на сессиях собрания, в прессе — резко критиковал мэра Северо-Курильска, областные власти за неэффективное использование бюджетных средств.

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