Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

HRC “Memorial” Demands Complex Check of Kizilyurt ROVD of Dagestan

Posted by Info on 09/02/2011

The Human Rights Centre “Memorial” has appealed to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation, Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Dagestan, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan and Ombudsman of the Republic of Dagestan with a request to check all the allegations of possible crimes committed against citizens.

“Memorial” have documented cases of illegal detentions, stolen valuables, beatings and cases of torture, allegedly committed by employees of the Kizilyurt ROVD
, violations of the rights of the detainees kept in the IVS (temporary detention facility) of the Kizilyurt ROVD (unlawful refusal to take food and clothes for detainees and torture by starvation), falsification of criminal cases, threats and insults of advocates, putting pressure on the victims.

“Memorial” demands to bring those guilty to criminal responsibility and take the necessary measures “to ensure that such crimes are not repeated.” The HRC also asks the authorities of Dagestan to protect the citizens, who are seeking justice against possible pressure from the employees of the Kizilyurt ROVD.

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