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Belarus Sentences Opposition Activist to Four Years in Prison

Posted by Info on 17/02/2011

Belarus sentenced an opposition activist to four years in jail for his part in mass unrest following the disputed re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko, defying Western calls for the authoritarian leader to free political prisoners.

Vasily Parfenkov is the first of 37 opposition figures, including five candidates who ran against Mr. Lukashenko, to stand trial; they were charged after thousands hit the streets of Minsk on Dec. 19 to protest a ballot that international monitors said was tainted by large-scale fraud.

The U.S. and the European Union earlier this month banned travel by and froze assets of Mr. Lukashenko and more than 150 of his associates after Minsk launched a violent crackdown against protesters. EU ministers said sanctions could only be lifted after political prisoners were released.

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UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay in Russia

Posted by Info on 17/02/2011

U.N. says Russian efforts on human rights fall short
“There are still too many problems in the sphere of human rights.”

Medvedev has styled himself a champion of democracy, fighter against corruption and modernizer of the economy since he was steered into the Kremlin three years ago by his mentor, then president and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
But his critics argue they have seen little improvement in Russia’s human rights record, and Medvedev has acknowledged his administration has made little progress against endemic corruption.

opening remarks:
Good afternoon,
This is my first visit to the Russian Federation as High Commissioner for Human Rights.
I have concentrated on issues relating to systems and institutions vital to the protection of human rights during my meetings with President Medvedev..

… there is a serious deficit in public trust in key institutions which should be upholding the rule of law, and instead are all too often disregarding it….including murders, intimidation and harassment of human rights defenders and investigative journalists and independent media, and apparent serious miscarriages of justice.
I have received extensive briefings, both by government officials and civil society organizations, on the new Law on Police, which was signed by the President earlier this month and will come into force on 1st March….

However enacting a good law is one thing, and actually implementing it properly is another. The same goes for the implementation of international human rights treaties, and recommendations by various parts of the UN human rights system.
I have offered international expertise to help set up video monitoring of police handling of suspects, especially during interrogations, in an effort to prevent ill-treatment, torture and other human rights violations.

My hope is that the Government’s own broader initiatives such as the reviving or strengthening of accountability mechanisms…The lack of accountability and respect for the rule of law has been particularly acute in relation to the North Caucasus.
…it is essential to ensure that counter-terrorism measures are carried out in line with human rights principles. I fear that the often brutal and illegal methods used by federal and local security and law enforcement agencies in the North Caucasus in the past have aggravated the situation, by alienating many people. Impunity for serious crimes allegedly committed by the military and security has accentuated the cycle of anger and violence, and undermined the entire notion of rule of law.

If the law says torture is illegal (which it does), and torture takes place, and is not punished (which it rarely is) then several institutions are failing, and failing badly, to carry out their clear responsibilities under national and international law to effectively protect the people from serious crimes.

The case of Alexey Sokolov – who disclosed video evidence of grave examples of torture within detention facilities, and is now himself in detention for an alleged act of theft, while the torturers are free – seem to be a particularly egregious example….
…. human rights defenders, lawyers and journalists, including Anna Politkovskaya, Natalia Estemirova and Sergey Magnitsky have been brutally murdered or died in custody…

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ООН: Борьба С Терроризмом Не Должна Нарушать Права Человека

Posted by Info on 17/02/2011

Антитеррористические меры должны проводиться при соблюдении прав человека, а жесткие методы, которые использовались в прошлом на Северном Кавказе для борьбы с терроризмом, лишь усугубили ситуацию в регионе, считает Верховный комиссар ООН по правам человека Наванетхем Пиллэй.

“Безнаказанность действий представителей служб безопасности сделала ситуацию на Северном Кавказе еще более острой”
По мнению Пиллэй, главной проблемой на Северном Кавказе остается недостаточная подотчетность органов власти. Hеобходимо, чтобы все антитеррористические меры проводились в соответствии с соблюдением прав человека.

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Gorbachev Ashamed Of Russia And Warns of Egypt-Style Russian Revolt

Posted by Info on 17/02/2011

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev is “ashamed” with the way Russia is run today and warned the Kremlin could face an Egypt-style uprising.

Nearly two decades after his reforms led to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Mr. Gorbachev denounced Russia’s “ruling class” as “rich and dissolute,”
in an interview published Wednesday in Novaya Gazeta ha said: “I’m ashamed for us and for the country.”

“If things continue the way they are, I think the probability of the Egyptian scenario will grow,” he said referring to the popular rebellion that ousted longtime President Hosni Mubarak last week. “Here it could end even more staggeringly.”

At present, public support for the Kremlin appears strong. Opposition parties, many of which have been banned by authorities, are small and weak. Police regularly disperse antigovernment demonstrations.

Mr. Gorbachev is probably more popular in the West, where he is credited with bringing an end to Soviet totalitarianism and the Cold War.

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Slogans: “Lithuania for Lithuanians” and “We are white brothers”

Posted by Info on 17/02/2011

It has become a tradition since 2008 that there is a nationalist march on the second independence day, 11 March.
In Kaunas a nationalist party got the permission to demonstrate whith the main slogans were “Lithuania is an ethnic state” and “No! to the East and to the West”,, “Lithuania for Lithuanians”, “We are white brothers”.
At the same time a young Pakistani man was beaten up.

The local governments creating a hell for trade union or LGBT demonstrations, but happily allowing nationalists to shout their slogans.

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Russian Prosecutors Shut Down Nationalist Movement For “Extremism”

Posted by Info on 17/02/2011

The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office has shut down the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, or DPNI for carrying out “extremist activities.”
A final decision will be taken by the Moscow City Court.

DPNI was founded in 2002 as a protest against illegal immigration from the former Soviet republics to Russia, but has never been officially registered since then. The movement has organized widely-publicized “Russian marches” on November 4 attracting more than 5,000 participants each year.

DPNI activists have warned the decision may “radicalize youth nationwide and lead to mass protests.” Masked young men “controlled by absolutely nobody and nothing” will not be warning the authorities and take to the streets, former DPNI leader Aleksandr Belov told Interfax. The ban on nationalist organizations will lead “to a host of radical cell groups.”

The nationalist organization was banned following a recent flare-up in nationalists’ activities in the wake of the turmoil on Moscow’s Manezh Square late last year. Thousands of football fans clashed with police in the center of Moscow, shouting nationalist slogans after their comrade had been killed in a street fight with a group of men from the North Caucasus.

Prosecutors did not specify DPNI’s violations.
Earlier, another nationalist organization, Slavic Union, had been banned for “unknown reasons” as well. Last year, the union was suspended by the Moscow City Court, but their leaders renamed the organization to “Slavic Force” and continued their activities.

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Лозунги “Литва – Литовцам!”, Избит Пакистанец

Posted by Info on 17/02/2011

B День восстановления литовского государства – в Каунасе Литовский национальный союз молодежи провел традиционное шествие. Не обошлось и без расистских выпадов, в Каунасе был избит гражданин Пакистана.

В ходе шествия звучали националистические лозунги: «Литва – литовцам!», «Ни Востоку, ни Западу», «Литва – детям Литвы», «Свою землю не продаем, не сдадимся Брюсселю», «Братья, мы белые», «Литва – литовцам, литовцы – Литве!».

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Европарламент Принял Резолюцию С Критикой Законности В РФ

Posted by Info on 17/02/2011

Европарламент сомневается в верховенстве закона в России.
Европарламент вновь призвал российские власти раскрыть резонансные убийства правозащитников и журналистов, подкрепить слова президента о верховенстве закона реальными делами, предупреждая о невозможности модернизации в условиях беззакония и коррупции.

Европарламент одобрил резолюцию, в которой подверг критике недостаточную степень независимости судебной власти в России.
“Несколько судебных процессов и тяжб последних лет поставили под сомнение независимость и беспристрастность судебных институтов в Российской Федерации”, – говорится в тексте документа.

В резолюции ассамблеи критикуется отсутствие надлежащего расследования убийств Анны Политковской, Наталии Эстемировой, Анастасии Бабуровой и Сергея Магнитского.
В документе отражена также критика содержания под стражей оппозиционного политика Бориса Немцова за его участие в митинге оппозиции в Москве 31 декабря 2010 года.

Европарламент высказался за придание большей эффективности и результативности консультациям между ЕС и РФ по правам человека, которые, как считают парламентарии, должны проводиться с участием российских министров юстиции, внутренних и иностранных дел, а также представителей Европарламента.

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