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Russian Official Calls for Credible Elections

Posted by Info on 18/02/2011

Russia’s powerful finance minister, Aleksei L. Kudrin, said that the country has “a very weak management system” based largely on back-room deals between officials, and warned that economic reforms would not be possible in Russia without political change.

It was an unusually sharp criticism coming from a technocrat who has worked closely with Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin for more than two decades.
“Instead of upholding the letter of the law, we do whatever we want. As a result, we have a very weak system of management. Questions about mergers and acquisitions, or access to resources are often solved in officials’ offices. We must get away from this unsound practice.”

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OSCE Office Evicted From Belarus “Forever”

Posted by Info on 18/02/2011

The decision to close the OSCE office in Minsk has been called “final” by the Belarusian authorities.

On December 31 2010 a representative of Belarus at international organizations in Vienna, Alyaksandr Sychou (Sychev) informed members of the OSCE standing committee about the decision of Belarus to close the OSCE office in Minsk.
The Belarusian side explained its actions by “the absence of objective grounds for the operation of the OSCE mission in Belarus.”</strong>

Countries of the West called upon the Belarusian authorities to reconsider the decision of closing the OSCE office. “The mandate of the mission is not completed, as the OSCE’s critical assessment of the presidential elections indicates. The elections and their aftermath – particularly the continuing detention of presidential candidates and new detentions and raids targeting the media – represent a step backwards in the development of democratic governance in Belarus.”

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Россия: У Трудовых Мигрантов Будут Брать Отпечатки Пальцев

Posted by Info on 18/02/2011

С 2013 года в России будет введена обязательная дактилоскопия для иностранцев, желающих получить разрешение на работу в стране.

«Это уже определено законом. До 1 января 2013 мы должны создать все условия и базу, чтобы люди эти могли оставлять свои биометрические параметры»
господин Полторанин.
Сама процедура снятия отпечатков пальцев будет происходить не на КПП, а на этапе получения разрешения на работу. О необходимости введения правительственной программы, предусматривающей полный учет мигрантов, «в том числе, их дактилоскопическую и геномную регистрацию», заявил ранее глава Следственного комитета Александр Бастрыкин. По его мнению, снятие отпечатков пальцев прибывающих мигрантов позволит снизить количество экстремистских преступлений в России.

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