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Russia: Nationalistic Hatred Killed Human Rights Lawyer And Journalist

Posted by Info on 21/02/2011

Mr. Tikhonov is on trial for murder.
Prosecutors contend that his right-wing intellectual pursuits mutated into nationalistic hatred that led him to kill a prominent human rights lawyer and a young journalist two years ago.

Ethnic Russians make up about 80 percent of Russia’s 142 million people, sharing the country with more than 100 ethnic groups, many of which make up Russia’s large Muslim community. Russia also has the largest immigrant population in the world after the United States, numbering as many as 10 million, mostly from former Soviet republics in the South Caucasus and Central Asia.

Nationalists have taken responsibility for kidnappings, beheadings and a 2006 bombing
that killed 10 at a Moscow market operated mostly by immigrants. At least 37 people were killed and more than 300 injured in xenophobic attacks in 2010… In the past year, nationalists have been linked to the murders of several police officers and a judge.

Mr. Tikhonov is accused of killing Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer, for years pressed the authorities to have perpetrators of hate crimes brought up on charges, leading to the imprisonment of several. The other, Anastasia Baburova, a freelance journalist with Novaya Gazeta, the country’s leading opposition newspaper, wrote about nationalists.

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Russia: 14 Alleged Terrorists To Go On Trial in North Caucasus

Posted by Info on 21/02/2011

14 rebel fighters are due to appear before a panel of the Supreme Court judges in the Karachayevo-Cherkessia Republic, in the Russian North Caucasus, today.

The defendants are accused of committing crimes against police and attempting to seize power in the republic. The fighters’ camp in the mountainous country of the republic was pulled down in November 2009.

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Лидер Приднестровья Смирнов Отказался Освободить Журналиста

Posted by Info on 21/02/2011

Лидер Приднестровского региона Игорь Смирнов отказался помиловать обвиненного в «государственной измене» журналиста Эрнеста Варданяна. Гражданин Молдовы был осужден на 15-летнее тюремное заключение. Эрнест Варданян был приговорен по обвинению в государственной измене и шпионаже в пользу Молдовы.

В письме, подписанном руководителем администрации т.н. президента Приднестровья Людмилой Рогожкиной, указано, что Варданян совершил особо тяжкое преступление, поэтому, по местным законам, помиловать его могут только после отбытия им половины срока наказания.

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