Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Libyan Tactics Similar To Uzbeks Crushing of Andijan in 2005

Posted by Info on 02/03/2011

The developments in Libya are reminiscent of the government crushing of a rally in Andijan on 13 May 2005.

Gaddafi, like Islam Karimov, is not allowing foreign journalists into the country, blocking the Internet and telecommunications and calling protesters “terrorists”. He appeared on national television yesterday and called foreign news channels “dogs”.

Like Karimov, he is not considering negotiations as an option and is not willing to fulfil even parts of demands of protesters; he is offering a bloodbath instead.

Government troops on armoured vehicles and helicopters were sent to crush thousands of protesters on Andijan’s Bobur Square in May 2005. They opened fire without warning against civilians in broad daylight and killed anyone who moved until night.

Like in Libya now, according to Uzbek opposition leaders, Uzbek authorities also hired foreign mercenaries: one of them was Tajik Col Makhmud Khudoyberganov, who was living in Uzbekistan after a failed coup d’etat in Tajikistan in 1998.

Even though Gaddafi and Karimov are similar in their desire to use violence to stay in power, the situation in Libya now is different from that in Andijan in 2005.
The developments in Libya have spread into other parts of the country and have been going on for several days. Ordinary Libyans have overcome their fear and Gaddafi has lost trust of the Libyan society.

Libyan protesters are more active in using modern technologies, the Internet and social networks to share information and pictures than protesters in Andijan more than five years ago.
Libyans are capable of overthrowing Muammar Gaddafi. Drawing parallels between the two countries, he said that Islam Karimov’s positions were weaker than they seemed.

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