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Azerbaijani Activists Organize Day Of Protest Via Facebook – 11 March

Posted by Info on 04/03/2011

Azerbaijani youth activists have begun a Facebook campaign calling for a day of protest against the government to be held on March 11 and want people to click their approval of the protest as well as gather in different towns and cities across Azerbaijan.

You do not need to be in Azerbaijan or attend a particular march to take part in this event. By clicking ‘I’m attending’ you are simply showing your support for the Azerbaijani [opposition] cause online.”

More than 20,000 Internet users have been informed of the initiative and a few thousand have joined the group, with thousands of others being contacted.

The event scheduled for March 11 can take various forms. “Dozens or hundreds of different protests may take place on that day, one person may hang a flag from his/her house, another may wear a T-shirt with the event’s slogans, another may distribute leaflets, etc.”

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Another 9 Countries Supported EU Visa Sanctions against Belarus

Posted by Info on 04/03/2011

The countries, decided to ban entry for representatives of the Belarusian authorities, are as follows – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Catherine Ashton on behalf of the EU welcomed the decision of these countries’ authorities.

EU visa sanctions in respect of certain officials of Belarus have bacome valid since February 2. The European Community has restricted some Belarusian authorities, involved in “political repression” after the announcement of presidential election results, to enter the EU. The list of banned includes 158 people.

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