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Human Trafficking On US Agenda For Trip To Moldova, Russia

Posted by Info on 09/03/2011

According to the 2010 U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons Report, Moldova is a source country and at times a destination and transit country for people subject to forced labor and forced prostitution, while Russia is a source, transit and destination country for such individuals.

Recruiters often target women and girls from the lower rungs of the socioeconomic ladder, luring them with promises of jobs abroad in a bid to force them into sexual slavery.

Once arriving at their destination, which can be overseas or within their nation of origin, victims are held against their will and forced to provide sexual services for several clients per day, for which they receive no pay. Resistance can result in severe beatings and other types of torture, and pimps and traffickers use threats against victims’ families to prevent them from escaping.

Victims can also be enslaved as laborers, working grueling hours in harsh conditions for no pay and often under the threat of violence.

Forced labor cases have been seen in nations worldwide, including the United States, which is a source, transit and destination country for people subject to forced labor and forced prostitution.

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Bomb Goes Off Outside Moscow Federal Security Service Academy

Posted by Info on 09/03/2011

Today a suspected bomb went off at a bus stop near the Federal Security Service (FSB) academy in Moscow , the National Antiterrorist Committee said.

The explosion took place about 16:30 local time (13:30 GMT), “in direct proximity to the FSB Academy on Michurin Avenue,” a law enforcement source said.

There were no casualties but some of the cars parked next to the stop “were slightly damaged.”

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Как Из России И Молдавии Поставляют В США Живой Товар

Posted by Info on 09/03/2011

Россия и Молдавия часто фигурируют в дискуссиях на эту тему, будучи одновременно и “отправляющими”, и “транзитными” государствами, то есть и источниками живого товара, и перевалочными пунктами для его транспортировки в “принимающие” страны, к которым, например, относятся США.

В феврале во Флориде было возбуждено шумное уголовное дело, которое может служить иллюстрацией этого явления. По этому делу проходят 12 граждан Молдавии, России и Украины.
Руководителем преступной группы власти считают 24-летнего молдаванина Романа Караймана, или Ромо, который находится в бегах…

Белинская и Постика вербовали женщин для занятия проституцией, рекламируя свои услуги “по крайней мере на одном иноязычном интернет-сайте”. Среди прочего, им инкриминируется незаконный ввоз иностранцев на территорию США “для занятия проституцией и с иными аморальными целями” и наем на работу иностранцев, не имеющих на это законного права.

Карайман, как говорится в судебных документах, привез в США из России несколько женщин “для работы в коммерческом секс-бизнесе и совершения половых актов за деньги”. Последние совершались в “массажных салонах”, которые Карайман и Белинская рекламировали на известных сайтах и

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Россия: 68 Поводов Не Попасть В Тюрьму

Posted by Info on 09/03/2011

Президент России Дмитрий Медведев подписал поправки, которые позволяют не сажать в тюрьму по 68 составам преступлений. Судьи получили возможность выносить более мягкие приговоры.

Документ направлен на либерализацию уголовного законодательства. По наиболее ходовым составам преступлений (их 68, включая кражи, грабежи, разбои, мошенничество, незаконную банковскую деятельность, коммерческий подкуп, манипулирование ценами на рынке ценных бумаг) нижние пределы санкций в виде тюрьмы снимаются. Например, за кражу курицы у соседа суд теперь может приговорить не к двум годам тюрьмы, а, скажем, к двум месяцам…

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Uzbekistan: Links Between Journalists and Foreign Embassies Placed Under Control

Posted by Info on 09/03/2011

National Electronic Mass Media Association (NEMMA/NAESMI) instructed Uzbek radio stations to consult them on future collaboration with international diplomatic offices.

This will not only apply to collaboration between embassies and radio stations in the areas of art and culture, and which due to strict censorship imposed on Uzbek media excludes anything to do with politics and economy.
The rule will also cover participation of journalists at press conferences organized by foreign diplomatic missions and any possible visits abroad by media representatives that have been financed by embassies.

In practice, this is what NEMMA control will look like: If there is any offer of joint projects or foreign trips by an embassy, or even an invitation to a press conference, the executives at electronic media outlets will have to call NEMMA director Firdavs Abdukhalikov by telephone and await a response on how to proceed. The radio station representative will then be called back and informed on whether they should proceed with the invitation or otherwise.

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Kyrgyz Rights Activist Jailed For Life Awarded Czech Human Rights Prize

Posted by Info on 09/03/2011

Azimjan Askarov, prominent ethnic Uzbek rights activist jailed for life over last year’s deadly violence in southern Kyrgyzstan is to be awarded a Czech human rights prize.

The Homo Homini prize, awarded annually by the Prague-based NGO People in Need to an individual in recognition of a dedication to the promotion of human rights, democracy, and nonviolent solutions to political conflicts.

People In Need head Simon Panek said Askarov had shown “unusual personal courage” in fighting for human rights in extremely difficult conditions.

Panek said it is “admirable” how Askarov has continued in the face of threats, detention, imprisonment, and physical abuse and added that he hopes the prize will draw attention to Askarov’s situation.

Askarov is the head of the local human rights group Vozdukh (Air), and his work over many years has focused on prison conditions and police treatment of detainees.

He had reportedly been documenting the killings and arson attacks that mostly targeted ethnic Uzbeks during the violence that struck southern Kyrgyzstan in June.

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