Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Uzbekistan: Links Between Journalists and Foreign Embassies Placed Under Control

Posted by Info on 09/03/2011

National Electronic Mass Media Association (NEMMA/NAESMI) instructed Uzbek radio stations to consult them on future collaboration with international diplomatic offices.

This will not only apply to collaboration between embassies and radio stations in the areas of art and culture, and which due to strict censorship imposed on Uzbek media excludes anything to do with politics and economy.
The rule will also cover participation of journalists at press conferences organized by foreign diplomatic missions and any possible visits abroad by media representatives that have been financed by embassies.

In practice, this is what NEMMA control will look like: If there is any offer of joint projects or foreign trips by an embassy, or even an invitation to a press conference, the executives at electronic media outlets will have to call NEMMA director Firdavs Abdukhalikov by telephone and await a response on how to proceed. The radio station representative will then be called back and informed on whether they should proceed with the invitation or otherwise.


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