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Compulsory Islamic Dress Code in Chechnya Violates Russia’s Secular Constitution

Posted by Info on 10/03/2011

A report by Human Rights Watch includes testimonies from dozens of Chechen women who were threatened or even attacked with paintballs by young men enforcing the ‘virtue campaign’. The rights group says some attacks involved Chechen security forces.

The campaign has the backing of President Ramzan Kadyrov, relied on by Moscow to stabilise the region.

In 2007, President Kadyrov issued an edict that banned bareheaded women from entering state buildings. Though this is in direct violation of Russian law.

In June 2010, dozens of women were targeted in paintball attacks for not donning headscarves or because their skirts or sleeves were not long enough.
One woman interviewed for the report described her terror as she thought a real gun was being aimed at her. She said the incident left her bruised and scared ever to leave the house without a headscarf again.

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Russia: Chechnya Introduces Counterterrorist Regime

Posted by Info on 10/03/2011

According to the operational headquarters of the Chechen Republic, on March 10, starting from nine in the morning, the counterterrorist operation (CTO) regime was introduced in the Nozhai-Yurt District of Chechnya.

“According to the data at disposal now with law enforcement bodies, members of some unidentified bandit grouping involved in terrorist activities and planning terror acts, are hiding in the Nozhai-Yurt District.”

Under the CTO regime, transport vehicles and people’s documents will be inspected in the district. These measures are aimed at ensuring public safety and are taken in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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Over 400 Russians Die In Terrorist Attacks In 2010

Posted by Info on 10/03/2011

A total of 410 people died as a result of terrorist acts in Russia in 2010, deputy chief of staff of the National Anti-terrorist Committee (NAC) said.

“I may say that the overall number of terrorism-related crimes is going down. While there were 1,030 of these crimes in 2009, we registered 779 last year,” Maj. Gen. Yevgeni Potapov said.
“At the same time, 410 people died as result of 21 terrorist attacks and 14 bombings which were carried out by suicide bombers. The terrorists targeted children, elderly people, women, policemen, public figures, clerics, and businessmen.”

There were 119 civilians, 268 military personnel and law enforcement officers, 13 government officials, 10 public figures and clerics among the victims.

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