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Medvedev, Putin Clash Over Libya

Posted by Info on 21/03/2011

The Western-led military action in Libya provoked a rare public split in Russia‘s ruling tandem, as President Dmitry Medvedev appeared to scold his patron, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, for publicly criticizing the effort.

Dressed in a fur-trimmed leather bomber jacket embroidered with the words “Commander in Chief” in Russian, Mr. Medvedev defended his decision not to veto the United Nations Security Council resolution authorizing the action and warned critics to watch their words.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable to use phrases that in effect lead to conflict between civilizations, such as ‘crusades,’ and the like,” he said.

He was speaking just hours after Mr. Putin, speaking to workers at a missile factory in central Russia, criticized the U.N. resolution, saying, “the whole thing reminds me of some kind of medieval call to the crusades.”

Officials denied any split between the two leaders.

“For Medvedev, the West is an ally. For Putin, it’s something alarming.”

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More Than 150 EU and US Officials On Belarusian Black List

Posted by Info on 21/03/2011

The Belarusian authorities have prepared a black list of more than 150 EU and US officials in reply to the EU sanctions against Belarusian officials.

“The response measures are to affect over 150 persons from the European Union and the United States, among them President of European Parliament Jerzy Buzek, MEP Jacek Protasiewicz, and a number of other politicians, parliament members, journalists famous for their most controversial initiatives towards Belarus.”

He said “restrictions on issuing entry visas to the persons, who have the most biased and destructive attitude towards Belarus and played the main role in aggravating the crisis in Belarus-West relations, have already been imposed”.

“Belarus does not intend to resort only to visa restrictions and has worked out a number of other retaliatory measures”. “It is not ruled out that they will affect the issues of trans-border cooperation and activity of certain foreign foundations and NGOs in Belarus.”

On January 31, the Council of the European Union imposed visa restrictions on 157 Belarusian officials including Alyaksandr Lukashenka. The EU foreign ministers are supposed to extend the list of the Belarusians officials banned from entering.

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Белоруссия Закрыла Въезд Для Главы Европарламента

Posted by Info on 21/03/2011

Власти Белоруссии ввели ограничения на выдачу въездных виз “ряду лиц, наиболее предвзято и деструктивно относящихся к Белоруссии, сыгравших главную роль в раскручивании кризиса в отношениях Белоруссии и Запада”.

Речь идет о санкциях в отношении 150 лиц из ЕС и США, среди которых председатель Европарламента Ежи Бузек, депутат Европарламента Яцек Протасевич и ряд других политиков, парламентариев, журналистов, отметившихся наиболее “одиозными инициативами в отношении Белоруссии”.

Минск не ограничится визовыми санкциями и “разработал ряд других ответных мер”. Речь идет о “вопросах трансграничного сотрудничества, деятельности на территории Белоруссии отдельных зарубежных фондов и неправительственных организаций“.

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Chechen Kadyrov Created State Within State – 5 More Years By Medvedev

Posted by Info on 21/03/2011

Kadyrov runs the Muslim region as his personal fiefdom, with a private militia and his own men on the police force, who have been accused of abductions, torture and murder. Establishing the veneer of a separate Islamic state, Kadyrov forces women to wear headscarves, encourages polygamy and observes elements of sharia law, all in violation of Russian law and contrary to more liberal Chechen tradition.


Even though Putin has systematically consolidated his power over regional leaders — in 2004 making their office appointed rather than elected — and Medvedev often lauds the rule of law, the two Russian leaders appear to have little control here and no choice but to applaud Kadyrov’s second inauguration April 5.

Last week, Kadyrov summoned a group of foreign journalists visiting Grozny..he deflected questions about human rights violations and asserted he honors Russian law.Russia gave us the mission to destroy terrorism and extinguish it in the North Caucasus,” Kadyrov said, “and results have already been achieved.”

Expert said: “The irony is that Russia now has what amounts to an autonomous Chechnya, after it fought two wars to stop Chechen autonomy.”

Kadyrov told reporters last week that there are only 68 militants in Chechnya, and he knows all of their names. One is Doku Umarov… on its list of known terrorists…

The Memorial human rights organization says that 2009 saw at least 93 abductions and 30 murders in Chechnya, which has a population of just over 1 million. Memorial suggested that the actual number was three or four times higher, but that people were too frightened to report the crimes.
Memorial drastically curtailed its work here. Its chief investigator, Natalya Estemirova, who had tangled publicly with Kadyrov over rights issues, was abducted outside her Grozny home in July 2009. Hours later, her bullet-ridden body was found in a clump of woods.
Every woman in the republic who has a son is afraid,….we don’t know when they’ll (police) come. How can we hide?”

Kadyrov once fought against the Russians, leaving school to take up arms at 16 in the first Chechen war. But his father, Akhmad, eventually changed sides, was elected president of Chechnya in 2003 and was killed in a bombing in 2004.Today he is Subsidized by Moscow.

“There is only one law in the Chechen Republic, and that is the law of Kadyrov,” said Tanya Lokshina, who researched last week’s report for Human Rights Watch on the forced Islamic dress code. What he says is law.”

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Russia: After Winning at ECHR, Applicant Achieves Revocation of Sentence

Posted by Info on 21/03/2011

The European Court of Human Rights ruled in the case Alexander Lopata v. Russian Federation (application No. 72250/01) on July 13, 2010.

The Uchalinsky District Court in the Republic of Bashkortostan found Alexander Lopata to be guilty of murder, based on his confessions.
The European Court of Human Rights found that Article 3 (prohibition of torture and ill-treatment) of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms had been violated, as the applicants complaints about torturing him in order to make him confess, were not adequately investigated.

Furthermore, the Court found that Article 6 (right to a fair trial) of the Convention had been violated by the Russian Federation.

After the court ruled on his complaint, Lopata asked the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to revoke the sentence and to resume investigations on his case. This issue was addressed by the presidium of the Supreme Court on March 16, 2011 with the decision: investigations on the case have to be resumed in accordance with the European Court’s ruling; the Uchalinsky Court sentence from January 15, 2001, has to be revoked, as well as the Supreme Court of the Republic of Bashkortostan’s ruling from March 15, 2001, also the case has to be revisited by a new lineup of judges.

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Kazakhstan: 25 Face Extradition To Uzbekistan – URGENT ACTION Needed!

Posted by Info on 21/03/2011

AI: Twenty-five of the 30 ethnic Uzbek asylum-seekers and refugees detained on 9 June 2010 could be extradited to Uzbekistan in the next few days, where they would be at risk of torture.

The ethnic Uzbek asylum-seekers and refugees had lodged appeals against the Prosecutor General’s September 2010 decision to extradite them to Uzbekistan. These were rejected by a district court in the southern city of Almaty on 15 March.
Independent observers reported that the hearings were summary, with each defendant given as little as three minutes to present their defence. In one of the hearings the judge told the defendants that the court’s only duty was to decide on whether the Prosecutor General’s decision to extradite them was correct, and that it was not going to look into their claims that they would face torture in Uzbekistan.

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Collaborating With KGB During Cold War Or Today In Belarus. How?

Posted by Info on 21/03/2011

A Belarusian civil activist says how the KGB tried to recruit him promising to register his organization.

On February 22, we filed documents to the Ministry of Justice to register the International Cultural and Educational NGO “Volunteering Development Centre”….On March 15, Mikalai Kvantaliani received a call from a man who introduced himself as Vitaly and phoned in connection with registration of the organization in the Ministry of Justice…According to him, it won’t necessary to work, I will need just to receive money and make reports. He said people who had agreed to collaborate with them earn 50,000-60,000 euros per year. He also guaranteed full support and security in the activity of the organization. I asked what if I decided not to head the organization and what if we declined their offer…

In the first case, collaboration will be continued with a new head. The officer said it didn’t matter who the heads are, the main thing was that the organization must belong to them.

In the second case, the organization won’t be registered, the founders will be put on the black list and will never be able to register another organization, moreover, I will face problems with going abroad.

What MIkalai Kvantaliani did then?

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Tajik Prezident: “We Have All Kinds Of Political Parties And Free Media”

Posted by Info on 21/03/2011

Tajikistan has got all kinds of political parties and free media, said the president Emomalii Rahmon on Saturday. Making initial steps towards the democracy it encounters multiple hindrances so that pushing this process “does not make sense”.
“We in Tajikistan have provided the most conducive environment for existence of pluralistic media that promote diverse political opinions and an even ground for political parties”.

President Rahmon has been the head the country and the government since 1994

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