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1996 Chechnya : Elizabeth Taylor Helps Chechens Orphans

Posted by Info on 27/03/2011

Elizabeth Taylor as the Hollywood icon—with her beauty, her acting, her AIDS activism—was helping the Chechen orphans with her extraordinary commitment to the Chechens.

During the so-called independence period between September 1996 and the renewed Russia occupation starting in December 1999, Chechnya had become an exceedingly dangerous place—as it still is now. Mysterious gangs kidnapped and often killed hostages at random in the most horrible manner…. beheading of four British Telecom workers, whose severed heads were left “like salutary Halloween pumpkins,” … slaughtering of half a dozen Red Cross workers in their beds, once again by “unknowns.” That crime remains unsolved to this day—and was followed by scores more of political murders, or “disappearances.”

The Istanbul-based “Chechen Foreign Ministry,” run by individuals who are now all dead or underground, decided that they needed a star-driven relief effort for the many, many Chechen orphans spawned by the first Russian-Chechen war of 1994-96..To the scene came Elizabeth Taylor. Her trip to Grozny was planned, but Taylor was brought low by brain cancer and the Grozny reception called off. But her new devotion to the Chechens was not. She kept raising money to support orphans…

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