Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Russia: Victims of Beslan Terror About Drawbacks Of Inquiry

Posted by Info on 28/03/2011

The impartial investigation into the Beslan terror act; an urgent examination of children and the law on the status of victims of terror acts were the topics discussed at the meeting with Alexander Khloponin, Plenipotentiary of Russian President in the North-Caucasian Federal District.

Susanna Dudieva, head of the Association of Victims of Terror Acts “Beslan Mothers”:
“The most important issue of the discussion was the objective investigation into the Beslan tragedy. … still after six years remain ‘white spots’ in the investigation. These are the questions of how terrorists managed to freely reach the school, why there were no negotiations with them, why fire was opened from tanks and flame throwers at the school with hostages inside, and why they started extinguishing the fire so late.”
Besides, the victims again spoke about the need to adopt the law on the status of victims of terror acts.

The member of the organization “Mothers of Beslan” Aneta Gadieva: “No lessons were learned from the Beslan tragedy; nobody is guilty; the system didn’t change.”
“For us, the most important thing is an objective investigation into the terror act and the state’s responsibility before its citizens, with answers to how to solve the problem of terrorism and how to conquer it.”

The Beslan school hostage crisis was a three day hostage-taking of over 1,100 people which ended in the deaths of over 380. It began when a group of armed mostly Ingush and Chechen militants took more than 1,100 people (including 777 children) hostage on 1 September 2004, at School in the town of Beslan, in the North Caucasus. The hostage taking was carried out by group sent by the Chechen Shamil Basayev, which issued demands of an end to the Second Chechen War. On the third day without any negotiation, Russian security forces stormed the building, using tanks, incendiary rockets, and other heavy weapons. A series of explosions shook the school, followed by a fire which engulfed the building and a chaotic gunbattle between the hostage-takers and Russian security forces. Ultimately, at least 334 hostages were killed, including 186 children; hundreds more were injured and many were reported missing.

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