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Documentary Movie: Torture- Everyday Reality In Chechnya

Posted by Info on 29/03/2011

Interview with Mantas Kvedaravicius the author of the documentary Movie BARZAKH
I lived for a year in Chechnya between 2007 and 2009 and shot the film then, at the time that Chechnya was still the “zone of counter-terrorist operation”. The whole territory was legally treated as if it were a hijacked building or airplane. Anyone could be taken from their home or from the street, properties and documents could be seized, and people arrested, frisked, checked-up, beaten or killed. Any conversation could be recorded or communication disallowed, and connection with outside world denied. Foreign journalists had to receive their short-term visit permission well in advance, and if they were granted it, they would be accompanied by state security services. So secret filming was the only way to bring out the other side of that reality, and it could be done only with the help of local people who managed to get me in and out of the “zone” and keep me safe, sometimes at great risk to themselves. Alas, during the time we were filming at least four people were either killed or disappeared. Amongst them was my friend Nataliya Estemirova, who helped enormously in this project, but was kidnapped and killed in summer 2009.

Torture is everyday reality in Chechnya… I was not interested in the production of certain truths where either the reasons or the motives of perpetrators are laid bare, or the traumas of victims are simply exposed to our voyeuristic gaze. Rather I was concerned to show how torture enters into everyday life; to inquire into its lingering power over a person. Simultaneously I was struck so many times by the extraordinary capacity of the human being to be able to live a dignified life after it had been destroyed by pain; by the absolute power of the state agents over the people. This helped me to understand that torture is not simply the painful event that endures for the rest of the one’s life, but the moment when the desire for life is itself killed in that person.…more HERE

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Россия: B Чечне Cтрах Bисит B Bоздухе B Kартине “Барзак”

Posted by Info on 29/03/2011

В Чечне, где уже не ведутся активные военные действия, насилие не исчезло, а стало повседневной реальностью. Как люди живут с тем, что продолжают исчезать их близкие, родные и друзья в Чечне, которая после попытки стать независимой, была силой “притянута” тогдашним президентом России обратно? На этот вопрос попытался ответить режиссер Мантас Кведаравичюс в своей документальной картине “Барзак”.

После окончания Второй чеченской войны наступил период антитеррористических операций. Вертолеты в небе, блокпосты, проверки документов – повседневная реальность жителей этой российской республики. Власти России вкачивают в нее миллиарды, пытаясь создать видимость благополучия. Во главе Чечни – их же ставленник Рамзан Кадыров…

Литовский режиссер попытался заглянуть за фасад этого «благополучия», проникнуть в повседневную жизнь людей, живущих в Чечне, которые каждый день ожидают известий о близких, родных, некогда пропавших. Одна из героинь фильма говорит: «Eсли мне, хотя бы сказали, что он (ее сын) умер и показали могилу, мне стало бы легче». Но ни сведений о местонахождении могилы, ни известий, да, в общем, судя по фильму, и надежды у этих людей нет.

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Prisons of Kyrgyzstan “Gets Out Of Hand”

Posted by Info on 29/03/2011

Prisoners’ families’ members have been organizing pickets since March 26th in front of the most of jails and prisons throughout the country in fear of a violent crackdown on the part of the State service of corrections. They claim that prisoners have resorted to the hunger-strike as a matter of protest against “unbearable conditions of detention”.

“Prisoners are treated and fed worse than dogs. Whereas food that we provide for the most part is seized by prison staff. We are tired of bribing policemen so that they take proper care of prisoners” Many incidents that have occurred in March alone, including an attempt of a prison break, a homicide and finally the massive hunger-strike.

“Hunger-strike has resulted from “mass reprisals and empty declarations instead of a true war on crime”. According to this human right defender, “prisons are full of innocent people who were simply framed-up with drugs or ammunition planted by police.”

Meanwhile, the parliament has refused to discuss the issue of the mass hunger strike in the country’s prisons..
Prisoners demand the following:
1. to terminate illegal arrests of people under pretext of the “war on the organized crime”, since membership in an organized crime group has to be established by court, not by police;
2. to address the issue of tortures while under investigation and in detention, as well as extortion of bribes for letting a visit by family members, probation or hospitalization;
3. to improve the conditions for incarceration, to meet the minimal standards;
4. to review cases of life sentenced prisoners;
5. to focus on violations particularly in cases of illegal possession of drugs or ammunition;
6. to select carefully personnel for the police and correction services;
7. to provide proper health care for prisoners.

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Приговор Сотрудникам Милиции, Подвергшим Женщину Пыткам И Изнасилованию

Posted by Info on 29/03/2011

B Арзамасском суде был вынесен приговор по уголовному делу в отношении трех бывших милиционеров медицинского вытрезвителя. Они обвинялись в пытках и изнасиловании жительницы Арзамаса Натальи Стреминой.

Суд признал Аношина и Шуягина виновными
в совершении преступления, предусмотренного п. «а», ч. 3, ст. 286 (совершение должностным лицом действий, явно выходящих за пределы его полномочий и повлекших существенное нарушение прав и законных интересов граждан, совершённое с применением насилия). Им назначено наказание в виде четырех лет лишения свободы условно с испытательным сроком на два года. Буханова суд признал виновным в совершении преступлений, предусмотренных п. «б», ч.2, ст. 131 (изнасилование соединенное с угрозой причинения тяжкого вреда здоровью) и п. «а», ч. 3, ст. 286, и назначил ему наказание в виде шести лет и шести месяцев лишения свободы.

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