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Russians Demand “Third” Person As Country Goes Wrong Direction

Posted by Info on 30/03/2011

Russia needs ‘third man’ in 2012 polls
Russia’s leaders are increasingly mistrusted and there is a growing desire for an alternative to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin or President Dmitry Medvedev in 2012 polls.

People have not only stopped fearing a ‘third person’ but are beginning to wish for his emergence,.The most important change in the political consciousness of Russians over the last eight months consists not just of a fall of trust in the tandem and its participants but also a growth in demand for a ‘third’ person.”

The past year has seen an onset of a “political crisis” … The leaders have said that they will decide between themselves which one of them will run.
“Medvedev seems an unelectable figure” while Putin is gaining “anti-electorate” among not just the opposition but wider society that accuses him of acting in self-interest.

The ratings of President Medvedev an Prime Minister Putin have fallen to historic lows, and for the first time a majority of citizens believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction.
A significant fall in the president’s and prime minister’s ratings was noted last month – and they are continuing to decline.
Levada Center calls these results “a continuation of the trend that began last year” and links it to the continued rise in inflation, which is not compensated by a rise in wages, as well as people’s disappointment, and a lack of visible prospects. The slump in ratings could partly be explained by the growing political uncertainty regarding the 2012 election,.

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