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“Russia Without Putin” = Anti-Kremlin Rallies In Big Cities / “Strategy 31”

Posted by Info on 31/03/2011

Russian police detained dozens of anti-Kremlin protester s as they tried to demonstrate for the right to assemble on Triumph Square in central Moscow. Similar protests and detentions were reported in St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

The protesters were heavily outnumbered by riot police. At least 54 of a group of more radical opposition members, led by Eduard Limonov and Sergei Udaltsov, were dragged away to police buses as revelers chanted “Shame” and “Freedom!”

The protest was one of a series of “Strategy 31” demonstrations organized for the 31st day of the month in reference to Article 31 in the Russian constitution that permits peaceful demonstrations.

“The police consistently break up these gatherings and don’t allow us to come together,” he said. “They arrest everyone, one after another. Listen to how the police carry on shouting while the people chant ‘Russia without Putin, Russia without Putin.'”

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Report On Torture and Arbitrary Detention in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to UN

Posted by Info on 31/03/2011

CIVICUS: Report On Torture and Arbitrary Detention in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to UN Special Mechanisms HERE

The 40-page report, a compilation of personal narratives and analysis presented as a briefing to United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture entitled “Torture and Arbitrary Detention in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan” identifies torture as a common practice in the Turkmen and Uzbek penal systems used to interrogate, punish alleged criminals of all varieties, silence perceived and actual dissent, or for no apparent reason. Long administrative detentions, medical malpractice, and other illegal activities often occur in conjunction with abuse.

The report, presented to the UN last week in Geneva, details 12 cases of specific abuse and examines the impact of the governments’ observed complicity in said abuse. It calls on UN special mechanisms to guide an independent investigation into the deaths, torture and arbitrary detention of Turkmen and Uzbek citizens.

Torture is often used to combat the perceived threat of dissent, said CIVICUS. People linked with the Andijan events of 2005 – when Uzbek government forces opened fire on protestors resulting in an international refugee crisis and hundreds of arrests – including innocent family members, are routinely detained, brought up on bogus charges and subjected to long years of bodily torture and psychological terror.

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Kazakh Opposition Publisher Missing After Attack

Posted by Info on 31/03/2011

Daniyar Moldashev is the director of a publishing house in Almaty that prints the opposition newspapers “Respublika” (The Republic) and “Golos respubliki” (The Voice of the Republic).

On March 25 Moldashev was severely beaten and robbed by unknown individuals on his way home from the Almaty airport. He was returning from Moscow where he had met with “Respublika” editors. The journalists said they believe Moldashev may have later been abducted.
Almaty police say it is too early to talk about an abduction as there is no evidence to prove Moldashev was kidnapped or that he is even missing.

“Respublika” had to move its headquarters to Moscow from Almaty several years ago after Kazakh authorities imposed restrictions on the newspaper.
“Golos respubliki” had to suspend operations due to pressure imposed by local authorities several times and some of its reporters have been attacked and beaten in the past.

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Lawyer Medvedev Warned Fighters In North Caucasus To Surrender or “Be Destroyed.”

Posted by Info on 31/03/2011

Mr. Medvedev noted with regret that the Islamist militant groups almost always responsible for suicide attacks and he ordered his security services to finish them off.“We need to do this and bring this work to an end.”
Russia has been battling Islamist separatists in the North Caucasus for nearly two decades, but violence in the region occurs almost daily, and attacks in Moscow and elsewhere are common.

Mr. Medvedev said Monday’s assault on the suspected terrorist base delivered “sufficiently impressive results.” as many were killed, even it is not yet know who was killed.
The operation, carried out in a wooded area of Ingushetia near the border with Chechnya, was remarkable in its scale and firepower. At least 17 suspected militants were killed when Russia’s air force bombarded the area.

“Among the dead militants there should be the leaders of militant groups,” Nikolai Sintsov, a spokesman for Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee, said Tuesday. “At the moment, an investigation is under way to determine the identities of the dead criminals.

The Investigative Committee also released new details on Tuesday about two brothers arrested recently and charged with accompanying the suicide bomber in the Domodedovo attack.
“The presence of the explosive devices leads to the conclusion that they were preparing a terrorist attack.”

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Russia Hunt For Terrorists – Suspected Terrorist Turns Out To Be Missing Girl

Posted by Info on 31/03/2011

Moscow police were seeking a young woman who arrived in Moscow from west Siberia’s Surgut to carry out a terrorist attack. She was wanted on terrorism cahrges.

Siberian student, who arrived in Moscow earlier this week and wanted on terrorism charges, instead had been declared missing by her mother.
“Police started searching for Viktoria Syrbu after her mother declared her missing. Viktoria has never been wanted as a potential terrorist,” the source said.

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Uzbekistan: Freedom Of Religion Or Extremism? 20 Bookstores Closed

Posted by Info on 31/03/2011

Twenty bookstores in the Kitoblar dunyosi (World of Books) book trading center have been raided by Uzbek National Security Service (NSS) agents, police, tax officers, and representatives of the government Committee for Religious Affairs in the past week and closed.
However the bookstore owners were selling only books approved by the state.

The U.S. State Department’s 2010 report on religious freedom says that in Uzbekistan possession of literature by authors deemed to be extremists, or of any literature illegally imported or produced, may lead to arrest and prosecution.
The government categorically prohibits leaflets on the banned group Hizb ut-Tahrir and literature on Nur, a Turkish Muslim group deemed extremist.

Local human rights activists say authorities have intensified their already tight grip on religion in the wake of the recent antigovernment uprisings in the Middle East.

Employees in various sectors have reported they have come under pressure not to perform the five daily Muslim prayers, including Friday Prayers, during working hours. Women working in offices and markets have complained they are being told by employers not to wear the hijab, or Islamic head scarf.Officials have confirmed around 15,000 Bibles have been confiscated in the past year.

Human rights groups have criticized the authorities, saying many people have been labeled “extremists” and jailed for peacefully practicing their religion.

Police claimed they were on a counterterrorism operation and are preparing a criminal and administrative case against the Baptists.

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