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Russia: Counter-Terror Operation in Dagestan – 3 Police Dead, 4 Injured

Posted by Info on 13/04/2011

Three police officers were killed and four others wounded in a shootout with militants in the Dagestan region of the Russian Caucasus, according to law enforcement. One fighter was reportedly killed.
The counter-terror operation which was unleashed Monday is still underway with a special curfew being imposed during the time of the crackdown. The operation has been complicated by heavy weather conditions, police say, as the roads of Dagestan are still under thick snow. The bandits reportedly have captured some crucial positions, and special units have been deployed by federal forces to overrun them.

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Chechen Warlord Umarov Said Alive After Russian Strike

Posted by Info on 13/04/2011

Russia said 17 Islamist rebels were killed in the March 29 air strike in the Ingushetia region.
Officials said remains would undergo DNA testing to check whether Umarov — the leader of the North Caucasus insurgency and Russia’s most-wanted man — was among those killed.

A man purporting to be Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov says he is alive and well, a week after Russian media reports said he might have been killed in a Russian strike in the North Caucasus.

In a phone call to RFE/RL’s North Caucasus Service, the man said he was “absolutely healthy.”

“There was an operation in which several mujahedin died. My death was announced too. They won’t receive any respite from me. I’m preparing my answer to them. They should expect news from me soon.”

The man’s voice is recognizably Umarov’s, but there has been no independent confirmation.

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Belarus: Bombing On Minsk Metro, 12 Killed and 126 Injured

Posted by Info on 13/04/2011

The bomb, packed with nails and ball bearings, rocked Oktyabrskaya station in the capital of Belarus on 11.4. The bombing killed 12 people and injured 126.
The explosion happened at 1755 local time as people were getting off a train at the station. It is one of the busiest in Minsk, linking the city’s two metro lines.

It is believed to have been radio-controlled.
Russian investigators would arrive on Wednesday to assist Belarus in the hunt for the culprits. Several people have been already arrested.

There is as yet no information on the cause of the explosion, the first ever in the Minsk metro.
Lukashenko, who has ruled Belarus since 1994, won disputed presidential polls last December Dozens of opposition figures, including political rivals were arrested after violent protests in Minsk following the announcement of the result.
While Belarus has been largely free of the terrorist violence, some 50 people were injured in July 2008 when a bomb went off at an independence day concert that Lukashenko was attending.

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Vaclav Klaus Sneaky Czech President Steals Other President’s Pen

Posted by Info on 13/04/2011

Inspecting video from a meet and greet between Czech President Vaclav Klaus and Chilean leader Sebastian Pinera, a Czech TV show noticed their president inspecting a fancy pen, then surreptitiously pocketing it with a guilty look on his face.

VIDEO HERE – 1 minute

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“Licenses To Shoot Homeless” – Russian Official Joke?

Posted by Info on 13/04/2011

Chita prosecutors have ruled that city Mayor Anatoly Mikhalyov violated no laws when he publicly expressed regret that federal legislation does not allow killing the homeless.In one of the worst blunders by officials this year, Mikhalyov told city legislators in February that “licenses to shoot the homeless” would be the only legal way to solve a local problem.

The mayor said later that the proposal was only a bad joke.

Chita prosecutors had to open a check into the statement done by linguists from a local university ruled that Milkhalyov’s words did not violate legislation on extremism or any other laws.

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