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PACE’s 2011 Human Rights Prize to Russian ‘Committee against Torture’

Posted by Info on 14/04/2011

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) decided to award its 2011 Human Rights Prize to the Russian NGO “Committee against Torture” (Komitet Protiv Pytok), in recognition of the organisation’s key role in assisting victims of serious human rights abuses.

A panel including leading figures from the world of human rights recommended the Committee against Torture from among ten individuals and organisations nominated for the prize, praising its “effective independent investigations” alongside official state investigations, especially in the Chechen Republic.

“By ensuring that perpetrators are brought to justice, the Committee has contributed to the reinforcement of the Rule of Law and has made an important contribution to the fight against impunity.”

The winner of the first Prize in 2009 was British Irish Rights Watch, an NGO which has been monitoring the human rights dimension of the conflict in Northern Ireland since 1990.

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Turkmenistan 1st Time Review By UN Committee Against Torture

Posted by Info on 14/04/2011

Turkmenistan is scheduled to make its first-ever presentation to the CAT in Geneva in mid-May. An initial report submitted by the Turkmen government last year glossed over its questionable record and instead emphasized rights provisions in the country’s constitution.
Human Rights activists forwarded a reportto the CAT in March by Civicus, an umbrella organization representing civil society groups, in conjunction with human rights activists from Turkmenistan, described conditions in Turkmen jails as “dire.” Overcrowding, corruption, rape, poor nutrition, beatings and other forms of torture are commonplace.

Even if the CAT review process confirms the existence of a serious problem in Turkmenistan, some activists say the United States and European Union are unlikely to alter their current diplomatic stances toward Ashgabat. Two powerful factors – Turkmenistan’s abundance of energy, and its strategic position as one of Afghanistan’s neighbors – are pushing Washington and Brussels to expand engagement with Ashgabat. What is perceived as strategic necessity is likely to keep on trumping rights concerns.

Specifically, observers believe CAT’s review will have little bearing on whether the EU finally ratifies its Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) with Turkmenistan. The EU-Turkmen PCA was signed way back in 1998, but ratification has been held up in large part by lingering concerns about Ashgabat’s rights record. The PCA would provide a framework for expanded EU-Turkmen economic cooperation, especially in the energy sphere. The European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee approved the PCA in January, setting the stage for ratification later this year.

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B Ингушетии Акции Протеста – Какaя Cудьба Похищенных Pодственников?

Posted by Info on 14/04/2011

C 2002 года в списках похищенных и пропавших без вести числятся 197 жителей Ингушетии. Как заявил депутат парламента республики Юсуп Костоев, только за прошлый год было похищено 10 человек, судьба которых остается неизвестной.

Митинг 23 марта не был санкционирован властями. На запрос Юсупа Костоева, на каком основании силовики применяют силу, разгоняя митингующих:“Но все дело в том, что для получения разрешения на проведение такой акции требуется минимум неделя. Пока все структуры согласуют друг с другом этот вопрос, похищенного может, уже и в живых-то не будет. Поэтому люди и выходят на митинги с плакатами, чтобы привлечь внимание правозащитников, чиновников, общественности”.

Он отмечает, что участники таких стихийных мероприятий обычно требуют от властей установить судьбу похищенных на улице или же захваченных из дома без предъявления ордера на арест людей.

Юсуп Костоев напоминает, что Юнус-Бек Евкуров, как только пришел к власти, заверил население республики, что все операции, проводимые силовиками в Ингушетии, будут проходить в обязательном порядке совместно с представителями местных силовых структур. По его словам, в республике продолжается такая практика, что в дома жителей в любое время суток, чаще ночью, врываются люди в масках, проводят обыск, “находили” вещдоки – оружие, гранаты, и увозят с собой молодых людей.

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Annual Report 2010 By Thomas Hammarberg of Council of Europe

Posted by Info on 14/04/2011

This report is an account of the activities of Commission for Human Righst Office of the Council of Europe during 2010.

….The personal security of journalists has become a serious concern. The politicised penalisation of the journalist Eynullah Fatullayev in Azerbaijan is one illustration. In the Russian Federation several journalists have been assaulted, some of them killed, by forces which have obviously wanted to silence them. It is crucial that such cases are thoroughly investigated and that the attackers – and those behind them – are brought to justice.

It is a grave problem that impunity in criminal cases still persists in Europe. This denies the very scope of the rule of law that we promote. Some of the worst crimes – with the worst repercussions for human rights in general – have gone unpunished. This has been the case in regard to a number of notorious assassinations of journalists and human rights defenders. In some of these cases the contract killer has been identified but not the forces behind them. This is extremely serious. Also, I have not been convinced that the investigations into these cases have always been sufficiently professional and well supported.


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