Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Annual Report 2010 By Thomas Hammarberg of Council of Europe

Posted by Info on 14/04/2011

This report is an account of the activities of Commission for Human Righst Office of the Council of Europe during 2010.

….The personal security of journalists has become a serious concern. The politicised penalisation of the journalist Eynullah Fatullayev in Azerbaijan is one illustration. In the Russian Federation several journalists have been assaulted, some of them killed, by forces which have obviously wanted to silence them. It is crucial that such cases are thoroughly investigated and that the attackers – and those behind them – are brought to justice.

It is a grave problem that impunity in criminal cases still persists in Europe. This denies the very scope of the rule of law that we promote. Some of the worst crimes – with the worst repercussions for human rights in general – have gone unpunished. This has been the case in regard to a number of notorious assassinations of journalists and human rights defenders. In some of these cases the contract killer has been identified but not the forces behind them. This is extremely serious. Also, I have not been convinced that the investigations into these cases have always been sufficiently professional and well supported.


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