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UN: Kremlin Contributing To Culture Of Impunity In North Caucasus

Posted by Info on 15/04/2011

An independent United Nations investigator is sharply criticizing Russia’s human rights record in the North Caucasus.

The U.N. investigator on human rights and counterterrorism, said Friday that local strongmen in the region continue to employ methods such as secret detention, torture, disappearances and arbitrary arrest to suppress dissent. He also cited the murder of human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers.

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Abuse of Anti-Extremism Legislation in March 2011

Posted by Info on 15/04/2011

In March 2011, all the same trends continued in the misuse and abuse of anti-extremist legislation. There were also wrongful decisions to ban a book and several films.

A Court in Kemerovo found two local residents guilty of public appeals for extremist activity . Both were sentenced to 8 months in a penal colony for posting leaflets entitled “Your car doesn’t belong to you.”

Andrei Kutuzov was convicted of public appeals for extremist activity after allegedly distributing leaflets calling for violence against police. The defense had presented strong proof that evidence in the case was falsified, which the court did not consider in its decision.

Moscow Court overturned a conviction due to a statute of limitations. The case had accused and convicted an activist from the Other Russia Party of involvement in extremist activity after he posted flyers from the National Bolshevik Party.

In Nizhny Novgorod 12 people were arrested and searched on charges of extremism due to participation in Nurdzhular, a banned religious organization.

In Tver, the Central District Court upheld an earlier verdict that charged a local woman with distribution of extremist materials after she distributed banned Jehovah’s Witnesses literature…..

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Finish Businessman On Trial For Smuggling Chechens

Posted by Info on 15/04/2011

The publisher of a Helsinki-based website “” that supports Chechen fighters (terrorists), Mikael Storsjo was accused of promoting illegal entry under aggravating circumstances and has gone on trial in Finland.

He is being prosecuted for illegally smuggling some 100 Chechen individuals into Finland, people who he calls “freedom fighters”.

Storsjo helped Chechens to come to Finland in 2007-2010. All of them sought and were granted political asylum. The sentence will be passed at the beginning of May.

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Россия: «Кто убил Наташу?» Следователи знают

Posted by Info on 15/04/2011

Французский документальный фильм об убийстве Натальи Эстемировой был показан в Нью-Йорке.

«Российские следователи знают ответ на вопрос, вынесенный в название моего фильма», – заявила после просмотра фильма «Кто убил Наташу?» в Нью-Йорке французский режиссер Милен Солуа. Премьера документального фильма состоялась в марте этого года на Женевском международном кинофестивале, где лента удостоилась награды Всемирной организации против пыток. Фильм является попыткой расследования убийства журналистки и правозащитницы Натальи Эстемировой в 2009 году.

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Belarus: Fear and Confusion After Metro Bombing – Political Motives?

Posted by Info on 15/04/2011

With little official information to go on, many in the opposition in Minsk this week had initially pointed the finger at the government over the blast. President Lukashenko lauded his security team for “solving” the case and arresting five people who were not identified it connected to bombings in 2005 and 2008.

Fears over the authorities’ reaction to the bombing are centred on the brutal suppression that followed Lukashenko’s contested re-election in December. Some 700 protesters were arrested over the Dec. 19 rally, when tens of thousands marched to the main government building in Minsk. Seven of the candidates were arrested for organising mass unrest, some facing prison terms of up to 15 years. Vladimir Neklyaev, one of the most promising alternatives to Lukashenko, was hospitalised after being severely beaten on his way to an election day protest rally. While in the hospital, plain-clothed security officials dragged him away again. He was only released from prison over a month later.

And when a remote control detonated a bomb hidden in a bag on the platform at Oktyabrskaya metro station – just underneath the city’s main square –Lukashenko lashed out at critics who had speculated someone in the government may have been behind the attack.
“[I want] everyone questioned, regardless of the wails from foreign [sympathisers]. We need to investigate all these statements from political activists, who implicated everyone. Maybe these activists from the ‘fifth column’ will show their cards and say who actually did it.”

Political motives?
As Belarus has no separatist movement or external military involvements, and hardly any internal extremism, the consensus among Minsk’s democratic intelligentsia was that politics were behind the blast.
But the question remained – WHO WAS BEHIND THE POLITICS?

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