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Russia Prefers White Immigrants: Racism And Abuse In Asylum Centre

Posted by Info on 20/04/2011

Most people who come to Russia seeking political asylum arrive at the international airports in Moscow and St Petersburg. Most asylum seekers chose Russia only because it is easy to get a tourist visa, and then applying for asylum after arrival.
The Russia’s only centre for destitute asylum seekers, is in the northern Ural mountains some 1,300 km (800 miles) from Moscow.

The centre with regime of neglect and fear is a collection of mobile homes on a small hill half an hour’s walk from the town centre Ochyor, where jobs are hard to come by.
“We asked for asylum and we are being persecuted. We were persecuted in our own countries and we are being persecuted here.” says Benjamin N’Guessan from Ivory Coast.

Fofana Baleymory says, that they are attacked by locals. “We can’t go out alone. We have to go out in groups. It is really dangerous for us to live here.”

The camp is a collection of rotting mobile homes that had been used by East German labourers in the 1980s.The buildings were falling apart. In the bathrooms, there were holes in the walls. Many of the rooms had buckets in the middle of the floor to catch the water dripping through electrical fittings in the ceilings. Most walls were warped with water damage. The residents said some bedrooms were bitterly cold when the temperature outside dropped to -30C.

The refugees complain that the food makes them sick, and that the camp administration has asked people in the town not to let them send faxes or emails, or even make phone calls.No Russian classes are given.

Konstantin Poltoranin, the chief spokesman for the FMS, said: “Russia preferred immigrants of Ukrainian and Belarusian origin. What is now at stake is the survival of the white race. We feel this in Russia. We want to make sure the mixing of blood happens in the right way here, and not the way it has happened in Western Europe where the results have not been good.”

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