Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

UN Must Stand For Principle Of Fighting Terrorism Resolutely But Fairly

Posted by Info on 20/04/2011

PACE’s Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights at a special meeting of the UN Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee to fight terrorism:
Dick Marty (Switzerland, ALDE) and Lord John Tomlinson (United Kingdom, SOC), on behalf of the committee said that terrorists must be held to account and appropriately punished. But also the appropriate legal guarantees for individuals or groups who face targeted UN sanctions (“blacklisting”) because of suspected links to terrorists must be met. They called for an end to “abusive recourse to the doctrine of state secrecy” sometimes invoked by governments to avoid investigation.

Mr Marty: “Terrorists – whatever their goals – are vicious killers who must be tracked, pre-empted and brought to justice. But, as PACE’s reports have shown, turning a blind eye to torture or blacklisting people without giving them a chance to prove their innocence will ultimately do more damage than good in the fight against terror. The UN, as a guardian of global values, must stand for the principle of fighting terrorism resolutely but fairly.”

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