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Russia: Zhirinovsky To Take Part In 2012 Presidential Election

Posted by Info on 27/04/2011

The permanent leader of the Liberal Democrat party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has confirmed that he will participate in the election of the Russian president in March 2012.

Zhirinovsky, who celebrated his 65th birthday the day before also said that approximately on December 10 there would be the 24th congress of the Liberal Democrat Party, which will approve of its presidential candidate.

With regard to the upcoming the State Duma elections on December 4 this year Zhirinovsky will lead the party’s list. This list will be approved at the congress of the Liberal Democrat Party scheduled for early September. He predicted that his party might collect up to 30 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky ran for the president of Russia in 1991 (7.81 percent of the votes), 1996 (5.7 percent), and 2000 (2.7 percent). In the presidential election in the Russian Federation on March 2, 2008 he took third place (9.35 percent).

Zhirinovsky has been accused of anti-Semitism, for statements in which he accused Jews of ruining Russia, sending Russian women to foreign countries as prostitutes, selling children and organs to the Western world, and provoking the Holocaust. He reportedly even praised Adolf Hitler’s ideology of Nazism and befriended Edwin Neuwirth, an Austrian industrialist and a “proud” former officer of the Waffen-SS who has denied that the Nazis used gas chambers to kill Jews during World War II, leading some of the German media to denounce him as “Russia’s Hitler”.
Besides expressing his hatred for Turks and Caucasians,Zhirinovsky also called for the deportation of all Chinese from Russian Far East….

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