Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Russia/Dagestan: Antiterror Operation Regime Being Introduced Non Stop – Elimination continues

Posted by Info on 29/04/2011

The Republic of Dagestan is a federal subject of Russia, in the North Caucasus, with a population of 3 million (2010). The capital is Makhachkala.
Dagestan has great ethnic diversity, with several dozen ethnic groups and subgroups, most of which speak either Caucasian, Turkic, or Iranian languages. Largest among these ethnic groups are the Avar, Dargin, Kumyk, Lezgin, and Laks. While Russians are only some 4.7 percent of the population, Russian remains the primary official language.

Dagestan has been a scene of low-level Islamic insurgency, occasional outbreaks of separatism, ethnic tensions and terrorism since the 1990s.Much of the tension is rooted in an internal Islamic conflict between traditional Sufi groups advocating secular government and more recently introduced Salafist teachings preaching the implementation of sharia law in Dagestan.

“at 07:15 MSK this morning, the counter-terrorism operation regime was introducedin Makhachkala in the district where the residents of nearby houses were evacuated, as there was a gunfight in ten-storey house in the Peter the Great Avenue.
Next counter-terrorism operation regime was also introduced on Wednesday evening near the Kvanada village in the Tsumadinsky district – there was a shootout with gunmen in which two law enforcement officers in Dagestan were killed and three were injured, the republic’s Interior Ministry reported.

Five police officers got concussion in Dagestan on the night to Thursday as an explosive device went off during an attempt to render it harmless in the village of Sultanyangiyurt in the Kizilyurt district.
There was an explosion in Makhachkala on Wednesday evening at the Ilkhan shopping centre.

Meanwhile, two militants were killed during the counter-terrorist operation launched in Dagestan, NAC spokesman Nikolai Sintsov: “The bandits’ identities are being verified. According to the operational headquarters in the Republic of Dagestan, the destroyed militants were involved (?) in terrorism-related crimes, attempts on and murders of civilians and law enforcement officers.”

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