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Medvedev Submits To Duma Draft Law On Punishment For Terrorists

Posted by Info on 30/04/2011

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has submitted to the Duma the draft law “On changes and amendments to Articles 73 and 81 of the Criminal Punishment Code of the Russian Federation.”

According to a general rule, established by Parts 1 and 2 of Article 73 of the Criminal Punishment Code, people sentenced to imprisonment serve their prison terms at the correctional institutions within the boundaries of the territory of the Russian region, in which they lived or were convicted or to the territory of the nearest Russian region.
Part 4 of the same article includes a list of the crimes creating special danger for society, recorded in the Penal Code, including those dealing with terrorism, for which convicts are sent to the correctional institutions, situated in the areas, specially assigned by the federal body in charge of criminal punishment.

The draft law suggests that more crimes should be added to the list, specifically, membership in an armed unit, the organization of an extremist group and the organisation of work of an extremist organization.

Under Article 81 of the Criminal Punishment Code, the people sentenced to imprisonment should serve the whole of their prison term, as a rule, in one and the same correctional colony, prison or educational colony.
In this connection the draft law suggests that one more provision should be added, under which the crimes, mentioned in Article 73 of the Criminal Punishment Code, will be reason enough for the transfer of the convict from one correctional institution to another.

If the law is adopted, it will permit to improve the efficiency of the measures taken, which are aimed at fighting terrorism and extremism, as well as to avoid the concentration in correctional institutions, primarily in regions with a tense situation, of the people convicted for the crimes, which are of special danger for the public.

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Uzbekistan: “Our Torturers Know – They Will Never Face Law”

Posted by Info on 30/04/2011

The Paris-based Association for Human Rights in Central Asia (AHRCA) has released a new report on the system of torture and extrajudicial execution in Uzbekistan with a system in which medical workers cover up the evidence of abuse.

The 47-page report – HERE “OUR TORTURES KNOW THAT THEY WILL NEVER FACE THE LAW” is based on the eyewitness account of an Andijan Regional Hospital morgue employee who dealt with the victims from the 2005 massacre in the Ferghana Valley city, and also includes testimony from survivors and their relatives.

The eyewitness was arrested after the shooting of demonstrators, detained and tortured for three months, then forced to work in the morgue. He testified that from September 2005 to February 2007, he examined nearly 500 bodies, and found many with gunshot wounds and evidence of torture

The report also supplies the names and ranks of some of the Andijan prison wardens and administrators who are alleged to have been responsible for the practice of torture including beatings of prisoners, forcing them to stand for hours or pouring of cold water on them and exposing them to the cold, as well as sexual abuse.

Not only are suspects tortured, but their relatives are also summoned for interrogation abused:
I don‘t know what to do. [Crying.] They came to my house and asked me sternly: ―Who gave you the idea to write to the UN? Do you want to see wandhere this will get you?‖ I must also think of the other children. My husband is already in prison, and it‘s up to me to raise these children… [Crying.]

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