Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Did Islamist Militants Transferred Activities From Berlin to Prague?

Posted by Info on 03/05/2011

Prague – Czech police have accused eight people suspected of support to terrorists, mainly in the northern Caucasus, for whom they were allegedly securing false documents, possibly also arms and explosives.

Seven people have been accused of the forgery and fraudulent alteration of an official document.Two of them, Bulgarians, allegedly did so as members of an organised group operating in more states. Another five did so allegedly with the intention of enabling or facilitating the carrying out of a terrorist attack.

The eighth person, a Chechen, has been accused of unauthorised armament and the forgery and alteration of money.
Six of the accused persons have been remanded in custody in the Czech Republic, the remaining two are in Germany but have not been taken into custody.
UOOZ detectives started to work on the case in mid-2008 when they received information from abroad that supporters of Jamaat Shariat operate on Czech territory.

The Czech detectives contacted their colleagues in Germany where the movement is active. They learned that the Islamist militants allegedly transferred some of their activities from Berlin to Prague.


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