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Латвия: “прослушкa” номеров иностранцев в гостиницe

Posted by Info on 05/05/2011

По словам парламентария Шлесерсa, одна из гостиниц, где прослушивают иностранцев — отель Rīdzene.

Прослушка ведется в президентском номере и других номерах класса люкс, где часто останавливаются президенты, премьер-министры и правительственные делегации других стран.
Прослушку в течение многих лет ведут сотрудники Бюро по предотвращению и борьбе с коррупцией и Бюро защиты Сатверсме.

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Poland Refused To Extradite Belarusian To Dictatorship

Posted by Info on 05/05/2011

A court in Lublin, Poland, has refused to extradite a businessman Alexander K. to Belarus.
The case on Alexander K.’s extradition to Belarus have been dragging on since early 2007, and is one of the longest of the kind in Poland.The Belarusian side suspects him of fraudulent practices at the border he allegedly planned to transport goods through Polish-Belarusian border without paying dues and taxes.
According to their calculations, Alexander K. is to pay 23 million Belarusian rubles of duties and taxes.

The businessman who believes that the authorities of Belarus persecute him for his father’s oppositional activities, cannot expect a fair trial in his country.

The court has come to a conclusion that the proceedings in this case demonstrate that the Belarusian justice system is unfair. The decisions adopted by the court do not contain any motives or evidentiary material.
It’s the third court decision in this matter: first the court disagreed to extradition, then the court agreed. These decisions were reversed.

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Russian Security Services Jailed Free-thinking Scientists, Journalists and Environmentalists

Posted by Info on 05/05/2011

Christos Pourgourides Chairperson of the PACE Legal Affairs Committee and the Assembly’s former rapporteur on “Fair trial issues in criminal cases concerning espionage or divulging state secrets”, has welcomed the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg finding a violation by the Russian Federation of scientist Igor Sutyagin’s right to a fair trial.

Igor Sutyagin is one of the victims of the ‘spy mania’ period in Russia in the early years of this millennium, which I exposed in my report adopted by the Assembly in 2006. The Russian security services pulled all the strings to jail several free-thinking scientists, journalists and environmental whistleblowers. I sincerely hope that the other cases described in my report, especially that of Mr Danilov, will also be resolved in a satisfactory way. I should like to use this opportunity to reiterate the Assembly’s appeal to the Russian authorities to set Mr Danilov free.”

Igor Sutyagin was included in the high-profile exchange of “spies” between the United States and Russia in July 2010 after having spent more than six years in prison.

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