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Turkmenistan: Submission to UN Committee Against Torture

Posted by Info on 10/05/2011

Turkmenistan is one most repressive governments in the world. The government exercises total control of public life. People profoundly fear talking about mistreatment they or their relatives have endured at the hands of the authorities out of fear of government retaliation, and human rights activists work under extremely dangerous circumstances.

The Turkmen government continues some of the worst human rights practices such as forcibly detaining dissidents in psychiatric facilities, sending into internal exile those who fall out of government favor, and arbitrarily interfering with citizens‘ability to travel abroad.

A significant portion of this submission is devoted to presenting the broader human rights context that we believe is essential for the Committee’s assessment of the state party’s report and of the information about torture and ill-treatment that it will receive from human rights groups. Nevertheless, torture and ill-treatment are widely recognized as a major concern in Turkmenistan, and Human Rights Watch is aware of several cases in which individuals detained in Turkmenistan reported that they had been held incommunicado, subjected to ill-treatment, including torture.

In 2010 and 2011 Turkmenistan adopted a raft of new laws, including amendments to the criminal and administrative codes. However, none of these changes have addressed the government’s fundamental lack of public accountability.

Turkmenistan’s prisons remain closed to the outside for observation. No international agency, governmental or non-governmental, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), has access to monitor Turkmen detention facilities.
After two decades of intolerance to dissent and widespread abuse of the criminal justice system for governmental purges, hundreds and possibly thousands of people have either served or continue to serve lengthy prison terms as a result of closed, unfair trials.

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Russia: Suicide Bomber Kills Policeman In Dagestan

Posted by Info on 10/05/2011

A suicide bomber killed one police officer in the capital of Russia’s violence-plagued Dagestan region in the North Caucasus on Tuesday, an official said. He detonated explosives strapped to his body when police tried to stop him at an intersection to check his documents.
The blast killed one police officer and wounded another.

In those days Dagestan is considered the heart of the insurgency. It has seen some of the worst violence, including clashes that killed nine on Sunday.

In the nearby Kabardino-Balkaria province, four alleged Islamist militants were killed by security forces on Tuesday, Russian news agencies reported.

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Россия: 340 Tысяч Kомпенсация за Mоральные и физические Cтрадания

Posted by Info on 10/05/2011

4 мая судья взыскала в пользу истца Виталий Рубцова 150 тысяч рублей из казны государства, а также 190 тысяч – из кармана пятерых экс-милиционеров. Эти суммы – компенсация истцу за моральные и физические страдания, которым полтора года назад его подвергли стражи порядка в лесу.

В октябре 2009 года в Читинский межрайонный следственный отдел обратился 25-летний инженер Виталий Рубцов из поселка Дровяная Улетовского района. Он рассказал, что к нему домой нагрянули пять сотрудников милиции и насильно увезли в лес, где подвергли пыткам. Задержанного заковали в наручники, а на голову надели противогаз.

Благодаря грамотным действиям следователей Читинского межрайонного следственного отдела летом прошлого года Улетовский районный суд приговорил двух милиционеров к 3-м с половиной годам лишения свободы каждого, признав их виновными в превышении должностных полномочий (п. «а», «б» ч. 3 ст. 286 УК РФ).
Еще одному фигуранту этого дела вынесен условный срок наказания.
Суд учел, что он оказал помощь следствию в установлении истины по делу, раскаялся и попросил прощения у потерпевшего.
В отношении еще двух оперов, которые также участвовали в пытках в лесу, уголовное преследование прекратили на стадии предварительного следствия в связи с их «деятельным раскаянием».

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