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Россия: Милиционеры Избили Женщину За “Безрезультатный” Вызов

Posted by Info on 13/05/2011

Жительница Ленинградской области пострадала от милиционеров, прибывших на место по ее заявлению о правонарушении.
Кировский городской суд приговорил двух милиционеров, избивших женщину, к 4 годам лишения свободы условно с испытательным сроком два года.

В январе 2009 года пенсионерка позвонила в правоохранительные органы и сообщила, что в квартире этажом выше, вероятно, находится человек, находящийся в розыске. Однако после осмотра квартиры прибывшими милиционерами, информация не подтвердилась.
“В связи с тем, что вызов милиции оказался безрезультатным, сотрудники милиции, разозлившись, на почве неприязненных отношений к заявительнице, нанесли ей удары по голове и телу, причинив кровоподтеки глаза, щеки, бедра, травматический отек поверхности груди. Блюстители порядка наносили удары, пока женщина не скрылась от них у себя в квартире”.

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35th Anniversary of Moscow Helsinki Group

Posted by Info on 13/05/2011

The Helsinki Final Act, signed by presidents and prime ministers from 35 countries on 1 August 1975, was seen as a major step in reducing Cold War tensions and led to the formation of a permanent forum for dialogue on security – the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe, now the OSCE.

The Moscow Helsinki Group, the oldest human rights organization working in the Russian Federation, was established on 12 May 1976 by a small circle of human rights activists upon the initiative of Professor Yury Orlov, who was also the Group’s first Chairperson. Its goal was to monitor, promote and facilitate the implementation by the Soviet Union of the human rights commitments under the 1975 Helsinki Final Act. The Group stopped its activities in 1982 and restarted them in 1989. Since 1996, the Moscow Helsinki Group is chaired by Lyudmila Alexeyeva, one of the Group’s founding members.

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Russian Lawmakers To State Position On Fighting Terror

Posted by Info on 13/05/2011

The Russian parliament intends to adopt a special statement on counteracting terrorism and extremism. At present, the house committee on security is reviewing two drafts of the document.

The committee is expected to decide at its next meeting, which version of the statement will be put up for consideration.
Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev warned that there remained the danger of high-profile terrorist attacks in the North Caucasus:Their attacks will be aimed at disrupting the operation of law-enforcement bodies and local government bodies. The terrorist attacks will specifically target government officials and police personnel.”
Recently, militants have opted for the tactic of individual terror, aimed against the police officials who handle the elimination of criminal underworld. They are also targeted at heads of local self-government bodies and public and religious figures who are outspoken critics of terrorism and extremism.
The Interior Ministry and the Federal Security Service, in close cooperation with and under the guidance of the National Antiterrorist Committee had carried out a number of special operations to destroy militants and their accomplices.As a result, several people were killed, including senior militants in the North Caucasus.

Is it not obvious that those repetitive operation to “elimination” fighters have little to do with solving the situation and indeed eliminating fighters and number of terrorist attacks? What about to change strategy?

There have been 115 terrorism-related crimes and 24 armed clashes in regions of the North Caucasus since the beginning of this year 2011.

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