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Kavkazsky Uzel On line – Quality Of Journalism Remain Intact – Project Needed In Russia

Posted by Info on 17/05/2011

News agency Kavkazsky Uzel, (Caucasian Knot) publication is totally digital, and focuses on a region -the North Caucasus.
The entire operation is conducted online without a central office. Gregory Shvedov, editor of online news agency and his team of 50 journalists use free Google programs to create a virtual newsroom so that they can be connected even as they are dispersed throughout the region.

The result of this model is a comprehensive project that illuminates a vast and complicated region. More than that, however, the site is a forum for discussion. Kavkazsky Uzel’s readers are invited to go online and share what they see. They can even send SMS messages to the site, which promises to publish reports from local residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Kavkazsky Uzel is the kind of project Russia needs across the country. Despite the fact that millions of Russians are connected to the Internet, the government has not as heavily censored it as traditional forms of media. Because of that relative freedom, Kavkazsky Uzel has been able to publish stories that would likely never be seen in Russian print. The most important thing is that the quality of the journalism remain intact.

In a place where oligarchs control media with money, and government officials use journalists as their mouthpieces, contextualizing is difficult. It is also dangerous. The fact that the site has no central office offers it some protection, but Shvedov knows he and his staff are still at risk because they are not hiding.

Kavkazsky Uzel is looking for more partners.


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