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EU: Names Of New Blacklisted Belarusian Officials Published

Posted by Info on 24/05/2011

The Official Journal of the European Union has published the updated list of Minsk officials subject to sanctions (a ban from entering the EU countries and assets freeze).
A total of 13 new names were added. The full list of Belarusian officials subject to travel restrictions covers 188 individuals.

The EU blacklist was extended for mainly judges and prosecutors involved in the recent legal proceedings against the accused in the criminal case over “disorders in Minsk on December 19, 2010” (the EU finds these trials politically motivated) as well as the chief of the Analytical Centre of the Presidential Administration and the director of the secondary school in Talkov city responsible for firing uncomfortable teacher Natallya Illynich.

Shykarou Uladzslau, judge, Merkul Natallia Viktarauna school director, Akulich Sviatlana Rastsislavauna, judge, Pykina Natallia judge, Mazouka Siarhei prosecutor, Aliaksandrau Dzmitry Piatrovich, judge, Vakulchyk Valery, chief of the Analytical Centre of the Presidential Administration, Chatviartkova Natallia, judge, Bulash Ala, judge, Barovski Aliaksandr Genadzevich, prosecutor,Simanouski Dmitri Valerevich, prosecutor, Brysina Zhanna, judge, Zhukovski Sergei Konstantynovych, prosecutor.

The EU has imposed restrictive measures on Belarus for the third time since the beginning of the year. On January 31, the EU Council took a decision to impose a travel ban on and freeze European assets of Alyaksandr Lukashenka and 156 officials, responsible for falsification of the presidential elections and violent suppression of protests.

On March 3, nine non-EU countries (Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Iceland, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Norway, and Lichtenstein) joined the Council’s decision.

In total, 34 persons have already been sentenced in the case of “mass riot” on December 19 in Minsk. Besides Sannikov, two other presidential candidates, Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu and Vital Rymasheuski, heard their verdicts – a suspended prison term and probation.

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Russia: Khodorkovsky, Lebedev To Get Out Of Prison In 2016

Posted by Info on 24/05/2011

The Moscow City Court ruled on Tuesday that jailed former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his partner Platon Lebedev would be set free in 2016 after the court cut their total sentence from 14 to 13 years each.
The ruling means that the pair will be in custody until well after the March 2012 presidential elections in Russia.
The court heard an appeal on Tuesday from the lawyers of Khodorkovsky and Lebedev who have been serving their sentences in Siberia since 2005 for fraud and tax evasion after spending two years on remand.
The court also upheld a decision to close a criminal case against the two men on allegations of stealing shares in the VNK company (Eastern Oil Company) as the term of the case has expired.

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Список Oрганизаций, признанных Pоссийскими Cудами экстремистскими

Posted by Info on 24/05/2011

Центр “СОВА”: Впервые официальный список этих организаций был опубликован на официальном сайте Федеральной регистрационной службы России в начале апреля 2008 г.

18 июля 2006 года был опубликован официальный список организаций, признанных террористическими Верховным судом России. (Терроризм по нынешнему российскому законодательству является одной из разновидностей экстремистской деятельности).
Участие в деятельности организаций, признанных судебными решениями экстремистскими и террористическими по российскому законодательству является уголовным преступлением и преследуется в соответствии со ст. 282-2 УК РФ (Организация деятельности экстремистской организации).

1. Список организаций, признанных российскими судами экстремистскими:

Официальный список Росрегистрации/Минюста (в редакции от 19 мая 2011 года)

Остальные организации, в отношении которых принято решение о признании их экстремистскими (в хронологическом порядке).

2. Список организаций, ликвидированных до принятия ФЗ “О противодействии экстремистской деятельности”, но включенных в список Росфинмониторинга (в хронологическом порядке).

3. Список организаций, признанных террористическими Верховным судом России (по официальной публикации 18 июля 2006 г. с дальнейшими дополнениями)

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Uzbek Dissident Stripped With His Children Of Citizenship Before Departure For USA

Posted by Info on 24/05/2011

The revocation of citizenship was a condition for the release of dissident writer Yusuf Juma from prison and his departure for the United States.
Juma was released from prison on 19 May and was reunited with his family who are leaving in Louisville, Kentucky on 20 May.

The writer was moved from the notorious Jaslyk prison in Karakalpakstan to Nukus after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Uzbekistan on 2 December. He was told about his early release on 19 May and was taken to Tashkent International Airport, where a US embassy official handed him all the necessary documents to depart for the USA.

However, he said, as a condition for his release and departure for the USA he was forced to give up his Uzbek citizenship. He was given a travel document which was valid between 7 and 21 May. Documents, which were also valid only for two weeks, were issued to his daughter Feruza and her four-year-old son, he said. “Even my daughter and grandchild were stripped of their Uzbek citizenship.”

Juma also said that right up to his release he continued to be ill-treated in prison. “Harassment which ended in beatings started at breakfast time and this happened every day. The last insult and hit on my head I received on the last day I spent there [in prison].”

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Georgia Fails To Properly Investigate War Crimes. Unable or Unwilling?

Posted by Info on 24/05/2011

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) publishes a new report on Georgia with the title, Unable or Unwilling? Georgia’s faulty investigation of crimes committed during the Russo-Georgian war of August 2008. Based on interviews with a large sample of witnesses to and victims of alleged crimes, the NHC concludes that Georgian authorities are at least both partly unable and partly unwilling to conduct an effective investigation into crimes falling within the jurisdiction of International Criminal Court (ICC) allegedly committed during and after the August 2008 war.

The report is researched together with three prominent Georgian human rights groups (Article 42, Georgian Young Lawyers’ association, and the Human Rights Center – HRC) in the period from October to December 2010. 244 individual applicants to the European Court of Human Rights in cases related to alleged crimes committed during and after the 2008 war were interviewed about what they knew about the investigation. All of the interviewees had lodged applications against Russia with the European Court, and would appear to be key witnesses. Only 26 % of them had been questioned by the police, and 3 % were aware of other investigative steps.

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