Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Uzbek Dissident Stripped With His Children Of Citizenship Before Departure For USA

Posted by Info on 24/05/2011

The revocation of citizenship was a condition for the release of dissident writer Yusuf Juma from prison and his departure for the United States.
Juma was released from prison on 19 May and was reunited with his family who are leaving in Louisville, Kentucky on 20 May.

The writer was moved from the notorious Jaslyk prison in Karakalpakstan to Nukus after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Uzbekistan on 2 December. He was told about his early release on 19 May and was taken to Tashkent International Airport, where a US embassy official handed him all the necessary documents to depart for the USA.

However, he said, as a condition for his release and departure for the USA he was forced to give up his Uzbek citizenship. He was given a travel document which was valid between 7 and 21 May. Documents, which were also valid only for two weeks, were issued to his daughter Feruza and her four-year-old son, he said. “Even my daughter and grandchild were stripped of their Uzbek citizenship.”

Juma also said that right up to his release he continued to be ill-treated in prison. “Harassment which ended in beatings started at breakfast time and this happened every day. The last insult and hit on my head I received on the last day I spent there [in prison].”


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