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Russia’s Kremlin race: Dmitry Medvedev v Vladimir Putin – “They Dont Know About Problems In their Own Country”

Posted by Info on 25/05/2011

With just 10 months to go before Russia’s next presidential elections, the general public and analysts are still in the dark about who will be running. Will incumbent leader Dmitry Medvedev seek a second term? Or is his predecessor and mentor Vladimir Putin planning a return?

Dmitry Medvedev(Born 14 September 1965 in Leningrad (now St Petersburg), Studied law at at Leningrad State University and become professor) is the president of the world’s largest country, one of the richest in natural resources, and still one of the most powerful. He has had a reasonably successful three years in office. Russia weathered the world financial crisis better than many countries, and his approval ratings are still good. His style appears to be to that of politicians in Western Europe. He has every right to run for a second presidential term.
Yet it is far from clear that he will, because always in the background is the very real possibility that his former mentor Vladimir Putin will want to become president again.

Vladimir Putin (Born 7 October 1952 in Leningrad (now St Petersburg), Studied law and economics before joining the KGB, Serves as KGB agent in East Germany 1985-90) recently formed a new political movement – the All-Russian People’s Front. Its stated aim is to bring together different political forces, business groups and trade unions to forge a common vision for Russia’s future and breathe new life into reforms. The latest opinion polls suggest his popularity has fallen. But, with an approval rating of 53% in March, he remains the most popular politician in Russia.

Everyone in Russia complains – about the state of the education system, rising petrol prices, low pensions.
But few people seemed to blame the government directly for their problems, preferring to hold local officials or “rich oligarchs” responsible for things that go wrong and accusing them such as “No-one tells Putin or Medvedev the truth about what’s going on down here!”

But the key to Mr Putin’s popularity is control of the media.

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