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President Lukashenko Orders Russian Media Out Of Belarus

Posted by Info on 30/05/2011

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has ordered the shut down of a number of foreign media outlets, including those of Russian orgin, for stirring up “hysteria” over the currency crisis in the country.

On Monday, Belarus’ National Bank devalued the national currency against the dollar by 36 percent, which led to price hikes, panic among the population, empty shelves in supermarkets and long queues at currency exchanges as people attempting to protect their savings.
President Lukashenko said: Russian media whipped up the “hysteria”.</em>

According to Lukashenko, the reason behind the move is “not that we want them to keep their mouths shut”. He noted that he had been closely watching the media and it was they “who triggered the hype”.

First reaction to the news has already followed from Moscow which was surprised by Lukashenko’s decision. The Russian lower house has warned the Belarusian leader against any rash steps.
The closure of foreign media outlets “will not be a panacea for the economic crisis,” believes Leonid Slutsky, first deputy chairperson of the Duma’s International Affairs Committee. It would be highly unfortunate to make any anti-democratic moves now “when Minsk is in need of international aid”.

The chairman of the Russian Public Chamber’s committee for media issues Pavel Gusev said the news did not come as a surprise. Several Russian media outlets have already been banned from entering Belarus. The journalist believes that Lukashenko’s decision is yet another sign of his “political unreliability. The Belarusian leader can be neither trusted nor dealt with.

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RUSSIA = A Country of Beggars and Choosers / Moscow Ahead New York

Posted by Info on 30/05/2011

Russia already ranks in seventh place on the list of countries with the largest number of the “richest millionaires,” whose assets are worth $30 millions or more, behind the United States, China, Germany, the UK, India and France.
Moreover, Russia’s millionaires beat out their foreign competitors by the wealth that is concentrated in their households: an average rich family here has $2.1 million, putting Russia in fifth place behind Switzerland ($4.2 million), Singapore ($4 million), the United States ($3.7 million) and Hong Kong ($2.9 million). Russia ranks third in the world in its number of billionaires, behind the United States and China. Moscow has become the world capital of billionaires (79 billionaires) ahead of New York City (58 billionaires).

The authors of Deloitte’s survey took different sources of wealth into account, including financial assets such as stocks, bonds and other investments, and non-financial assets including real estate, expensive goods and business ownership. By this methodology, the present and future millionaires in Russia could also be divided into two subgroups – active “earners” and passive “owners.” “Future millionaires could earn their capital in traditionally highly-profitable sectors of the Russian economy, such as oil and gas, metallurgy and extractive industry, electric-power industry, transport, retail trading and telecommunications.

BUT a survey conducted by the Moscow Higher School of Economics (HSE) found that 60 % of the population in Russia has the same real income it had 20 years ago when the Soviet Union collapsed, and some even became poorer. HSE’s research found that income inequality between the late 1980s and the late 2000s in Russia has grown eight times faster than in Hungary, and is five times greater than in the Czech Republic. At present, the Gini coefficient, a statistic that determines income and wealth inequality worldwide, is twice more in Russia than in Sweden, and equivalent to those in Iran, Turkmenistan, Laos, Nigeria….more HERE

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Russian Prosecutors Clear Investigator In Magnitsky Case

Posted by Info on 30/05/2011

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has established that the investigator who handled the Sergei Magnitsky case has done no wrong.

Lawyer Magnitsky died aged 37 in a Moscow pre-trial detention facility in 2009 after being refused medical treatment for pancreatitis. He had been detained as part of an investigation into embezzlement involving Hermitage Capital investment, for whom he was working.
Markin said investigator Oleg Silchenko had not violated any federal laws in “pressing criminal charges and arresting” Magtnitsky, as well as extending his custody pending trial.
Magnitsky claimed he had been falsely imprisoned by the same officials in the Interior Ministry who he had accused of embezzlement.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said the results of the investigation into the death of Magnitsky will be made public in the near future.
Human rights ombudsman Vladimir Lukin said he was unable to participate in the investigation due to insufficient aspects in Russian law.

Sergei Magnitsky, a corporate lawyer representing Hermitage Capital Management, once Russia’s largest portfolio investor, died mysteriously in pre-trial detention after being repeatedly denied medical care and in effect subjected to what in most civilised countries would be considered torture. A year later, his death has become a symbol of the mind-boggling corruption and injustice perpetrated by the Russian system, and the inability (or unwillingness) of the Kremlin to change it.

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In Russia, Prisons for Police Thrive

Posted by Info on 30/05/2011

Correctional Colony 13 – all the inmates at this prison compound here in western Russia — some 2,000 of them — are former policemen, prosecutors, tax inspectors, customs agents and judges. Most of the inmates are here for work-related infractions, from accepting bribes to attacking suspects.

Interior Minister Rashid G. Nurgaliyev said that more than a third of the senior officers — 94 out of 250 — vetted by an anticorruption committee this spring failed to adequately address the committee’s questions. Many own property despite their former jobs’ small salaries.“We never knew it before now,” a member of the vetting committee told the newspaper that the property ranged from “mere apartments to colossal objects all over the world.”

No matter the prisoners’ back stories, Correctional Colony 13 offers a view of how troubled Russia’s criminal justice system has become.
The former officers spoke matter-of-factly about what they identified as a key reason they became corrupt or abusive: tiny salaries that fed frustration and made side payments a welcome supplement.
Some still seemed bewildered at being punished for actions they assumed were widely accepted Russian police practice.
Mr. Shumilov, the former police detective serving seven years for what he described as meting out bruises, said he was merely trying to crack a car-theft ring. Aleksei K. Bushuyev, 46, a rotund ex-traffic inspector, said he took bribes to cover the upkeep of his Lada police cruiser, and not a ruble more.

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Молдавия: “Социальный Марш” Против Правящего Проевропейского Альянса

Posted by Info on 30/05/2011

От 40 до 70 тысяч человек приняли участие29 мая в «Социальном марше» в столице Молдавии с требованием отставки правящего в стране «Альянса за евроинтеграцию».

Основным организатором манифестации стала партия коммунистов Молдовы (ПКРМ). На митинге экс-президент Молдавии Владимир Воронин призвал – цитирую – «весь молдавский народ сплотиться и сказать временщикам у власти – ваше время прошло».
Неделю назад акция “Социальный марш” прошла в трех других крупных городах Молдавии – Кагуле, Сороках и Оргееве, собрав там более 10 тысяч человек.

5 июня в Молдавии пройдут выборы в местные органы власти. В парламенте партия коммунистов является самой крупной по числу депутатских мест, однако их существенно меньше половины. Внеочередные парламентские выборы прошли в Молдавии в ноябре 2010 года, правительство было сформировано в январе 2011 сроком на 4 года.

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