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ЕСПЧ не Hашел политической Mотивации в деле Ходорковского

Posted by Info on 31/05/2011

Европейский суд по правам человека в Страсбурге вынес решение по жалобе Михаила Ходорковского, которую он подал в 2004 году.В коммюнике перечисляются нарушения Конвенции о правах человека, допущенные при задержании экс-главы компании ЮКОС и его при его содержании под стражей.

Cуд не нашел достаточных доказательств того, что “дело ЮКОСа” является политически ангажированным.
“Хотя дело Ходорковского может вызывать некоторые подозрения относительно реальных намерений российских властей при его преследовании, заявление о политической мотивированности уголовного преследования требует неопровержимых доказательств, которые не были представлены”, – говорится в постановлении суда.
Своим вердиктом суд обязал Российскую Федерацию выплатить бывшему олигарху 10 тысяч евро в качестве компенсации морального ущерба и еще 14 500 евро – в счет покрытия судебных издержек.

Всего в Европейский суд по правам человека защитой Ходорковского и Лебедева поданы три жалобы. Две касаются первого судебного процесса, третья — второго уголовного дела.
В них Ходорковский заявляет о незаконности своего ареста, бесчеловечном и унижающем достоинство обращении, а также о политической мотивации судебного преследования.

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Georgia: New Law Prevent Former KGB Agents To Take Positions In Government

Posted by Info on 31/05/2011

Georgia will destroy Soviet-era monuments and change any street names which refer to its Communist past, lawmakers decided on Tuesday, passing a new law aimed at distancing the country from its former master Russia.

The so-called Freedom Charte
r will set up a commission led by the Interior Ministry to identify symbols, monuments, inscriptions, street and park names “that may reflect or contain elements of Soviet or fascist ideology” and consider their removal.

The law will also prevent former KGB agents and senior Communist party officials from occupying high-ranking positions in government.

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Russian Journalists Politkovskaja’s Muderer Found – But Question is: Who Ordered It?

Posted by Info on 31/05/2011

Russia has arrested Rustam Makhmudov, the suspected assassin of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was shot dead in 2006.

Dmitry Babich, a political analyst and journalist said that Politkovskaya’s colleagues at Novaya Gazeta, a Russian opposition newspaper, agree that Makhmudov is most likely the murderer. So the biggest question is not who performed the murder, but who ordered it,”

“You know that Novaya Gazeta is very much in opposition to the Russian government, so they suspect someone from the current leadership of Chechnya (which is pro-Moscow) is behind the assassination.”

Makhmudov’s brothers, Dzhabrail and Ibragim, and former police officer Sergei Khadzhikurbanov have been investigated for several years over suspected involvement in the killing.
All three were acquitted on a lack of evidence in a jury trial in 2009, but the verdict was annulled by the supreme court and a new investigation reopened with the same suspects. “The relatives of Politkovskaya and other fellow journalists agree that these two brothers were tracking her movements on the day she was killed. They were suspected of actually giving the signal to the killer who was waiting inside her (apartment) building,” Babich said.

She reported on the alleged human rights abuses of Russian military forces under the leadership of former Russian president Vladimir Putin, of the Chechen rebels and the current Moscow-backed administration led by the Kadyrov family in Chechnya.

The murder of Politkovskaya came while her reporting became an increasing threat to the Chechen regime, which was allegedly responsible for the rampant torture, abduction, and murder of opposition figures.
She wrote several books about the Chechen wars, as well as Putin’s Russia – in which she accused Russian secret services of repressing civil liberties to re-establish a Soviet-style dicatorship.Politkovskaya received numerous prestigious international awards for her work.

Former spy Alexander Litvinenko had been investigating her death when he waspoisoned in London last autumn.
Sky News’ Mark Stone met Mr Litvinenko when he was giving a lecture on the journalist’s death.
Mr Litvidenko said : “You ask me who killed her.” and added: “I can answer you directly. It is Mr Putin, the president of the Russian Federation that has killed her. Putin killed her.”

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European Court: Khodorkovsky’s Rights Violated But Not Politically Motivated

Posted by Info on 31/05/2011

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that imprisoned Russian oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s rights were violated after his arrest in 2003, but rejected his contention that the arrest and subsequent trial were politically motivated.

The court’s rejection of that contention appears to be a significant setback to efforts of Khodorkovsky’s supporters ( like AI) to portray him as a prisoner of conscience. He is due for release in 2016. The ruling appeared to be a setback for Mr. Khodorkovsky and his supporters, who argued that his arrest and imprisonment in 2003 were retribution for his outspoken opposition to Vladimir V. Putin, then the president and now the prime minister.

But the court ruled in favor of 8 of 15 complaints filed by Mr. Khodorkovsky’s lawyers, arguing that Russia committed grave violations of the former businessman’s rights during his arrest and pretrial detention.

The ruling from the court in Strasbourg, France, was made on an appeal filed in connection with his arrest and first trial. It ordered Russia pay 24,000 euros ($35,000) in damages for rights violations, including being held in cramped and unsanitary conditions and for extending his pretrial detention without justification.

Khodorkovsky was arrested when special forces officers stormed his plane at a Siberian airport. He had been summoned to be a witness in a criminal case and his detention was initially justified for having failed to appear. However, the court said, within hours of his detention he was presented with a lengthy list of criminal charges.

“The speed with which the investigating authorities had acted suggested they had been prepared for such a development and had wanted Mr. Khosorkovsky as a defendant and not as a simple witness. Therefore, his detention had been unlawful as it had been made with a purpose different from the one expressed, the court said.

Last year, Khodorkovsky was convicted in a second trial of stealing oil from his own company, the now-liquidated oil major Yukos. He was sentenced to 13 years on that conviction, with the sentence to run concurrently with his previous conviction.

Khodorkovsky had filed for parole, saying he is eligible for early release since he has served half of his 13-year sentence.

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