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UN Council on Human Rights of Victims of Terrorism

Posted by Info on 03/06/2011

NAVI PILLAY, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights:
National legislation and policies relating to victims of terrorism varied a great deal; it was hoped that this discussion would enable States to share good practices and challenges in addressing the needs of victims of terrorism. The point of departure of designing polices to support the victims should be the human rights instruments, including the right to reparation. Terrorist acts caused a high number of direct and indirect victims, including family, friends and whole communities. Victims would require immediate assistance and long-term medical and psychological support, as well as financial support to help them overcome the loss of property, income and livelihoods. Victims should be given the possibility to freely express their opinions and experiences in any judicial procedures, and with full protection and in safety. Through access to remedies victims needed to be able to obtain the help, support and assistance they needed. Finally, States needed to put in place effective mechanisms to prevent future terrorist attacks against citizens, with full respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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