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In Moldova Electoral Commission Changed Results

Posted by Info on 07/06/2011

To determine a new mayor for Chisinau, a second round of elections will be needed, the Moldovan Central Election Commission wrote in its press release on Tuesday morning.

According only to the latest information the CEC has just distributed, none of the candidates appears to have exceeded the 50% mark in the June 5 elections needed for a victory. The opposition Communist Party candidate for Chisinau Mayor, Igor Dodon, won only 48.68%, or 4% less than yesterday, whereas the First Deputy Chairperson of the Liberal Party, incumbent Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca – 46.1%, or over 3% more than only 24 hours before. The CEC says such are the results after the processing of 96% ballot-paper, including those cast in Chisinau’s 18 suburban communities.

since early morning yesterday and throughout Monday, Igor Dodon was leading confidently according to the CEC’s own reports, and the 8-10% gap between him and Chirtoaca was remaining practically from the beginning of the vote count on the Sunday/Monday night till Monday evening.

However, on Monday evening, after a several-hour-long pause in the counting work, the Chisinau constituency electoral board began processing ballot-papers in the suburban communities. And the situation started changing amazingly. In the communities, the voter turnout reached about 70 thousand people, which makes a considerable segment in the total Chisinau electorate of 350 thousand people who went to the polls on June 5.

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Car Blast in Moldovan Capital Chisinau Kills – Connection With Elections?

Posted by Info on 07/06/2011

Moldovan tennis federation chief Igor Turcan,38 has been killed in a car explosion near the federation headquarters in the capital, Chisinau when he was passing the parked car, a Lada, when it blew up and burst into flame.
The tennis chief died in hospital of wounds to his legs, stomach and head

The police were not ruling out the possibility that a bomb had been set off.

Mr Turcan had business interests in Moldova’s construction sector and also headed a campaign for an independent candidate, Mihai Godea, in last weekend’s election for Chisinau mayor.

“We find it strange that the car that exploded was parked near the office of the Moldovan tennis federation although it did not belong to any of our employees,” Ms Tauber, his deputy said.

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Russian Human Rights Defender from Memorial Beaten Outside Home

Posted by Info on 07/06/2011

Bakhrom Khamroyev, who works for the leading Russian rights group Memorial, was walking into the building when a group of strangers attacked him, spraying gas in his face and beating him on the head and legs. He had to be treated in hospital.

Human rights groups say violence against their workers is increasing and the attackers are rarely punished. Khamroyev was attacked by members of the security forces in December.

“Memorial believes the attack on Bakhrom Khamroyev was planned in advance and prepared as a trap, Memorial said in a statement.
“In December last year, an attack was carried out on Khamroyev. A criminal case was opened but until today no one has been called to take responsibility.”
Memorial chief Oleg Orlov said that the attack “was obviously because of his professional activities.”

A Russian court sentenced an ultranationalist to life in prison last month for the murder of a human rights lawyer and a journalist who were shot dead in broad daylight on a Moscow street in 2009.

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Молдова: ЦИК превратил Bыборы Mэра Кишинева B Интригу

Posted by Info on 07/06/2011

ЦИК РМ в понедельник вечером превратил результаты выборов мэра Кишинева, прошедших в воскресенье в рамках всеобщих местных выборов, в интригу – сперва было объявлено о победе представителя партии коммунистов (ПКРМ) Игоря Додона, позже ЦИК заявил, что данные обработаны вручную и не были включены в электронную систему, передает корреспондент мультимедийного агентства Новости-Молдова.

Еще в этот день рано утром Кишиневская окружная избирательная комиссия в лице ее председателя Юлиана Балан объявила о безоговорочной победе Додона за кресло мэра столицы Молдавии с результатом в 52% голосов избирателей. Он опередил нынешнего мэра города Дорина Киртоакэ – племянника известного “борца с советской оккупацией Молдавии”, экс-врио президента страны Михая Гимпу – почти на 9%….

В штабе ПКРМ эти манипуляции с цифрами расценили “как фальсификацию выборов в Кишиневе”. “Процедура подсчета голосов вызывает абсолютное недоверие к ЦИК.

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